Top Tourist Places to Visit in Maldives, Asia

Top Tourist Places to Visit in Maldives, Asia

Maldives generally known as Republic of the Maldives and also famed as Maldives Island is an Island Nation in the Indian Ocean. There are 1,192 islands in Maldives of which only 200 islands are inhabited and there are 26 coral atolls. Maldives is the smallest country in Asia situated at an average elevation of 7 feet (2.4 meters) above the sea level. Economy of Maldives depends on fishing industries and they export fish to various countries in the world and the major export breeds are cowry shells, coir rope, dried tuna fish and various other fishes and tourism is the other major industry in Maldives and there are several resorts in each island in Maldives. Coordinates of Maldives are 4.1667° N, 73.5000° E.


History of Maldives:

The fist inhabitants to Maldives Island were the Dravidian people from Kerala and Buddhism was established during King Ashoka’s expansion and was the leading religion in Maldives islands till 12th century. For many years this island have been visited and developed in trade and coir was exported to Sindh, China, Yemen and Persian Gulf. In the year 1887, British Governor Ceylon signed a contract with the Sultan of Maldives that Maldives Island will be protected by the British Government and in the year 1957 air base was constructed in Addu atoll after 19 years the air base was handed over to Maldives government.


Tourism in Maldives:

Maldives houses total number of 1,192 islands and in which about 200 islands has been inhabited. Tourism is the main of living source in Maldives and resorts and hotels are constructed in individual islands and each island has its unique amenities and resorts are constructed in unique way, which attracts tourists and Maldives is famed for providing honeymoon packages. Food is not a concern in Maldives since resorts provide cuisine and breakfast and Maldives cuisine mainly comprises of fish and tuna fish and e are hot, spicy and flavored.


Places to visit in Maldives:

  • Mirihi Island Maldives
  • Nalaguraidhoo Beach
  • Kanuhura Island
  • Bandos Island
  • Vabbinfaru Island
  • Addu Atoll
  • Male
  • Southern Atolls


Things to do in Maldives:

Diving and snorkeling:

Scuba diving and snorkeling is most popular in Maldives and there are various institutions for diving, tourists can learn the diving from any institution and can enjoy scuba diving and snorkeling.



Surfing the one of the most popular among the tourist and water and waves in Maldives make the surfing most exciting and best time to visit for surfing is from the month of March to October.


Best time to Visit Maldives:

Maldives experiences tropical climate and remains hot throughout the year and it receives rain during the months of April to October.


How to Reach Maldives?

By Air:

Male International Airport is the major airport in Maldives located in Hulhule Island close to Male capital of Maldives. The airport has connectivity to China, India, Sri Lanka, Dubai, South East Asia, Europe and several other countries.


By Sea:

Maldives does not connect through sea route to other countries but boats, sea planes and private yachts are available to reach various other islands in Maldives.


Where to Stay in Maldives?

Maldives is renowned for tourism attractions and several hotels and resorts in Maldives offer various packages and these resorts are located on islands and few resorts provides private beach for tourists. Hotels and resorts in Maldives cost from $ 250 to $ 7,000 and above per night. Some of the luxury hotels in Maldives are listed below:

  • Adaaran ‘Club’ Rannalhi
  • Adaaran ‘Prestige’ Ocean Villas
  • Adaaran ‘Prestige’ Vadoo
  • Baros Maldives
  • Biyadhoo Island
  • Diva Resort & Spa
  • Zitahli Resorts & Spa Kuda Funafaru
  • Soneva Gili & Spa
  • Veligandu Island Resort
  • Velidhu Island Resort
  • Sheraton Maldives Fullmoon Resort & Spa
  • Olhuveli Beach & Spa Resort

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