Ari Tourist Places to Visit in Ari, Maldives, Asia

Ari Tourist Places to Visit in Ari, Maldives, Asia

Ari is a natural Atoll in Maldives and it is one of the biggest Atolls in Maldives and Ari Atoll is also called as Alif or Aluru Atoll, located in Medhu Uthuru province. Ari is divided into two parts namely Northern Ari Atoll and Southern Atoll and it consists of around 20 islets and this province is designed for the tourism and thousands of tourists from all over the globe visit this Atoll. Each Islet has its own recreation and accommodation facilities and tourist attractions. Zip code of Ari Atoll is 09090 and coordinates are 3.86425° N 72.8339° E.


Tourism in Ari:

Ari is also called as Ari Atoll and it is one of the largest Atolls in Maldives and there are more than 20 islands in Ari and each island has its own accommodation and recreation amenities to tourists. Thousands of tourists visit this Atoll throughout the year and it is famous for beaches, scuba diving and various interesting activities. Beaches in these islands are clean and eye catching facilities are available tourists and there is a diving school in island which provides training on scuba and number of tourists visits this island to learn this art.


Places to visit in Ari:

Diving Bluetribe Moofushi:

Moofushi is famed for diving and it is one of the best diving centres in Ari and people visit Ari will take a diving lesson from the experts. After learning the diving class from this center tourists can go for scuba diving.


Sun Island beach:

This is one of the famed beaches in Ari Atoll and one of the best beaches in Ari and water is crystal clear and tourists can also enjoy water sports in this beach and restaurants around the beach provides delicious food.


Vilamendhoo Island:

It is one of the famed islands in Ari Atoll and tourists visit this island to take part in diving school and they can learn various scuba diving techniques in this island and it is one of the cleanest beaches in Ari and water is warm.


Biyadoo Island:

This is one of the clean and amazing beaches in Ari Atoll and number of tourists visits this island as it is bounded by flora and tourists can view few birds in this island. Hotels and restaurants are located along the beach and tourists can participate in various sports activities as well.


Best time to Visit Ari:

Ari Atoll is one of the major tourism destinations in Maldives and best time to visit Ari is between the months of September to May.

How to Reach Ari?

By Air:

Ari is served by Maamigili Airport, which is located towards the southern part of Ari Atoll and this airport serves only with domestic flights to Male and Gan City.


By Sea:

There are many ports in Ari Atoll and this province is well connected through sea route, as there are many ferries and boats available at this atoll.


Where to Stay in Ari?

Ari is island in Maldives is one of the major tourist destinations in Maldives and plenty of hotels are located in Ari and hotels in Ari cost from $ 100 to $ 900 and above per night and provides all the major facilities to customers. Some of the major hotels in Ari are listed below:

  • Kandholhu Cruise & Spa
  • Diamonds Athuruga Beach & Water Villas
  • Constance Moofushi Resort
  • Safari Island Resort
  • Constance Halaveli Resort
  • Diamonds Thudufushi Beach & Water Villas
  • Chaaya Reef Ellaidhoo
  • Kuri Tourist Guest House
  • Maayafushi Resort
  • Goby Lodge Maldives
  • W Retreat & Spa
  • Mirihi Island Resort
  • Sun Island Resort & Spa

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