Places to Visit in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh, Asia

Places to Visit in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh, Asia

Cox’s Bazar is a port town as well as the administrative centre of Cox’s Bazar District in Bangladesh. It is widely popular for world’s longest continuous 125 km sandy sea beach. Cox’s Bazar is situated about 360 km south of Chittagong City and about 150 km southeast of national capital Dhaka. Cox Bazar Town occupies an area of 6.85 sq. km.

Cox’s Bazar District shares its borders with Bandarban District to the east, Chittagong District on the north, Bay of Bengal towards south and west.

Cox’s Bazar is considered as one of the top tourist destinations in Asia. It is visited by millions of abroad tourists every year for its wonderful beach beauty. Tourism is the main economy source of Cox’s Bazar. Along with tourism the natives are involved in fishing business. Maheshkhali channel, Bakkhali, Reju Khal, Naf River and Matamuhuri are the major rivers flowing through Cox Bazar District.


History of Cox’s Bazar:

Cox’s Bazar was earlier known as ‘Palongkee’ and also called as ‘Panowa’, means “yellow flower”. Cox’s Bazar named after a superintendent of the British East India Company ‘Hiram Cox’.


Food and Culture in Cox’s Bazar:

50% of the people living in Cox’s Bazar are Muslims and remaining 50% comprises of Buddhists, Christians and Hindus. The culture of Cox’s Bazar natives is slightly different than other regions of the country. Also the locals are the great lovers of music and dance.

Cox’s Bazar cuisine is similar to other regions of Bangladesh. Rasgolla, Pitha, Mitha Doi, Rasmalai and Hawai Mithai are the popular sweet items in Cox’s Bazar. Mutton Rezala is one of the favorite non vegetarian dishes of the natives of Cox Bazaar.


Connectivity to Cox Bazar:

The highway expansion project of Cox Bazar is under development. There are numerous tourist vehicles, Autos and Jeeps plying between the regions of Cox Bazar and other major regions of the country. Buses are accessible at the local bus stands of Cox Bazar and the main bus stations of Chittagong.

Chittagong Railway Station is the major nearest Railway Station to Cox Bazar located at a distance of 113 kms. Cox’s Bazar has its own airport situated 36 km away from the midpoint of the town.


Places to see in Cox’s Bazar:


Cox’s Bazar Beach:

Cox’s Bazar Beach is the world famous tourist destination placed few kilometers away from the town. It magnetizes tourists throughout the year for its magnificent scenic beauty all around the world.


Aggmeda Khyang:

Aggmeda Khyang is a huge Buddhist monastery visited by most numbers of Buddhist devotees every day. It is designed with beautiful Buddhist architecture and contains a large bronze Buddha pictures and ancient manuscripts.



Ramu is a village located 10 km away from Cox’s Bazar. The village is well known for handicraft products and houses several handicraft product centres and handmade cigars shops.


Bangabandhu Sheikh MujibSafari Park:

Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Safari Park is a reserve of animals and a tourist attraction, home to variety of animals like Bengali tigers, crocodiles, bears, chitals and monkeys.


Inani Beach:

Inani Beach is another must visit beach in Cox Bazar and its calmness and mind blowing beauty provides a top feel to visitors.


Other tourist attractions near Cox’s Bazar include:

  • Sonadia Island
  • Maheshkhali
  • Teknaf
  • Martin’s Island
  • Chakaria
  • Rangamati
  • Bandarban


Best time to visit Cox’s Bazar:

During the months of winter season is the best time to holiday Cox Bazar.


Accommodation Options in Cox’s Bazar:

The prominent and qualified hotels in Cox Bazaar are as follows:

  • Long Beach Hotel
  • Hotel The Cox Today
  • Ocean Paradise Hotel & Resort
  • Seagull Hotel
  • Nitol Bay Resort
  • Hotel Media International
  • Hotel Sea World
  • Uni Resort
  • Nilima Resort Hotel
  • Albatross Resort
  • Hotel Sea Crown
  • Hotel Sea Palace Ltd

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