Places to Visit in Varadero, Afghanistan, Asia

Places to Visit in Varadero, Afghanistan, Asia

Varadero is a town in Matanzas province in Cuba is one of the biggest resort towns in Caribbean which covers an area of 48 Sq kms is situated at an elevation of 13 feet (4 meters) above the sea level. Varadero is located on the Hicacos Peninsula in the middle of Cardenas Bay and Straits of Florida.

Varadero is in near proximity with Cardenas, Santa Marta, Matanzas, San Miguel de Los Banos and Puerto Escondido is located at the distance of 150 kms from capital of Cuba, Havana and coordinates of Varadero are 23.1506° N, 81.2737° W.


History of Varadero:

Varadero was first recognized in the year 1555 and it was the dry Dock and salt mines of the peninsula and a salt from Varadero was traded to Spanish. Officially it was established in the year 1887; from there it flourished as the tourism spot in Cuba.


Places to visit in Varadero:

Varadero has world’s most charming beaches bounded by natural beauty which is visited by thousands of tourists around the world. Varadero is not just famous for its beaches but also for its scuba diving and impressive caves.


Saturno Cave:

This Cave is situated at the distance of 30 kms from near Varadero Airport, Saturno Cave is spectacular cave which offers scuba diving, swimming and tourists can explore the cave as well.


Veradero Beach:

Veradero Beach is one of the renowned beaches in the world visited by thousands of tourists throughout the year well known for its charming view of the sparkling ocean along with the white sand.


Josone Park:

This is one of the beautiful parts in the region bounded by abundant green sanctuary, Macaw parrots and palm trees where tourists can relax in the lap of nature and it is situated at the distance of 7 kms from center of the Varadero city.


Cactus Patriarch:

This cactus is situated at the distance of 1 km from center of Varadero, which is 600 year old cactus that persists to grow.


Other tourists Places near Varadero:

  • Barracuda Diving Center
  • Ambrosio Cave
  • Casa del Ron
  • Varadero Ecological Park
  • Museo Municipal Varadero
  • Tropicana Matanzas
  • Seafari Cayo Blanco
  • Bellamar Caves
  • Villa Du Pont


Best Time to Visit Varadero:

Varadero experiences hot dry summer and best time to visit Varadero is between the months of November to March.


How to Reach Varadero?

By Air:

Juan Gualberto Gomez Airport is situated at the distance of 35 kms from Varadero town and this airport serves with domestic and international flights to various cities in the world and from airport tourists can hire taxis to reach Varadero town.


By Road:

There are no train and ferry services in Cuba and the only way to get in Cuba is through air and to get around the Varadero tourists can avail Viazul buses from various cities and towns in Cuba and taxis are available for hire and cars on rent.


Where to Stay in Varadero?

Varadero is famed for beaches and natural surroundings and accommodation facilities are situated along the shoreline which offers world class hospitalities and amenities costing from $ 30 to $ 350 and above per night. Some of the famed hotels in Varadero are listed here below:

  • Hotel Blau Varadero
  • Melia Las Antillas
  • Hotel Melia Varadero
  • Hotetur Sunbeach
  • Hotetur Palma Real Hotel
  • Gran Caribe Club Karey
  • Villa Tortuga
  • Hotel Melia Las Americas
  • Superclubs Puntarena
  • Playa Caleta
  • Villa Punta Blanca
  • Islazul Oasis

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