Places to Visit in Santa Marta, Colombia, America

Places to Visit in Santa Marta, Colombia, America

Santa Marta is a capital of Magdalena department in Colombia considered as one of the major tourism destinations in Colombia. Santa Marta is the main prominent and busiest business area is situated in historic downtown near Market Square and spans an area of 2,393.65 square kilometers (924.07 square miles) and positioned at an average elevation of 18,947 feet (5,775 meters) above the sea level. Santa Marta economy mainly depends on tourism, trade, port activities, agriculture and fishing industry. Santa Marta is located at the distance of 940 kilometers from Bogota, capital of Colombia and coordinates are 11.2419° N, 74.2053° W.


History of Santa Marta:

Santa Marta was settled by indigenous populaces before the arrival of Europeans in the region. Spanish established their colony in Santa Marta in the year 1524, established agriculture and livestock and slave trade in the region. During the 16th and 17th century the region was targeted by pirates and in the year 1746, independence struggle was started in the region under the command of the colonels Carreno, Padilla and Maza and defeated the royalists in the battle of Cienaga Grande. During the 20th century banana industry was established in the region due to this city saw many migrants from different parts of the country and later tourism industry turned more prominent in the region.


Places to Visit in Santa Marta:

The Rodadero Beach:

The Rodadero Beach is one the prominent beaches in the city situated 10 kilometers from downtown is the pride of the city and country is visited by thousands of tourists throughout the year and nationally known for its high quality spa.


Tayrona Park:

Tayrona Park is located at the distance of 12 kilometers from Santa Marta city is one of the South America’s loveliest shoreline with charming beaches. Park is surrounded by distinct flora and fauna due to its two ecosystems in the middle of mountain and sea.


Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta:

Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta is situated at the distance of around 80 kilometers from Santa Marta city is an isolated mountain range, reaching an elevation of 5,700 meters (18,700 feet) above the sea level is the world’s highest coastal range.


Cathedral of Santa Marta:

Cathedral of Santa Marta is the oldest church constructed in Latin America in the year 1765, ordered by Governor Don Andres Perez is one of the must visit place in Santa Marta.


Other Places to visit in Santa Marta:

  • Quinta de San Pedro Alejandrino
  • Tagang
  • Lost City
  • San Juan Nepomuceno Cloister
  • Custom House
  • Tayrona Gold Museum
  • Park Tayrona National


Best time to Visit Santa Marta:

Best time to visit Santa Marta is from December to March because during these months climate in the city will be pleasant.


How to Reach Santa Marta?

By Air:

Simon Bolivar airport is around 18 kilometers from Santa Marta in Carrera town. Airport handles with daily domestic flights to Bogota and Medellin cities and it operates flights to other destinations in the country.


By Road:

There are many roads connecting to Santa Marta city from other parts of the country and numerous companies in the city handles public transportation in and around the city. Public taxies and private taxies are available to visit nearby places in the city.


Where to Stay in Santa Marta?

Santa Marta is visited by thousands of tourists throughout the year and hotel are designed for both tourists and business kind of peoples which provides a relaxed atmosphere and a meeting rooms with facilities like lobby, 24 hours receptions, lift access, wireless Internet access, conference room, banquet, room and laundry services and a car park are provided. List of some renowned hotels in Santa Marta are as follows:

  • Caribe Mar Hotel
  • Santorini Hotel Boutique
  • Casa Verde Hotel
  • Hotel Del Parque
  • Hotel Boutique Don Pepe
  • Hotel San Miguel Imperial
  • Hotel Nueva Granada
  • Decameron Santa Marta
  • Santorini Hotel & Resort
  • Tamaca Beach Resort Hotel
  • La Casa Del Arbol Hotel Boutique
  • Hotel & Suites Sorrento El Rodadero

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