Beautiful Tourist Places to Visit in Cartago, Colombia, America

Beautiful Tourist Places to Visit in Cartago, Colombia, America

Cartago is a city in Valle del Cauca Department in southwestern division of Colombia, is the 4th largest city in Valle del Cauca department after Cali, Palmira and Tulua covers a total area of 108 square miles (279 square kilometers) and located at normal elevation of 3,009 feet (917 meters) above the sea level. Cartago is regularly visited by peoples from Pereira city due to renowned farmhouses, recreational sites, discos and condos. University of Valle has a division in Cartago city.

Cartago is surrounded by Armenia, La Virginia, Pereira, Marsella, Argelia, Obando, Puerto Samaria, La Victoria, Alcala and Quimbaya and located around 340 kilometers from capital of Colombia, Bogota. Coordinates of Cartago are 4.7000° N, 75.9167° W.


Places to Visit in Cartago:

Los Nevados National park:

Los Nevados National park is situated at the distance of 70 kilometers from Cartago, is the highest peak in Colombia situated at an elevation of 4,500 meters above the sea level. Tourists can view the breathtaking views of surrounding valley and has abundance of greenery.


Colombian National Coffee Park:

Colombian National Coffee Park is the main theme park located at the distance of 60 kilometers from Cartago in Armenia. Theme Park is dutiful to scrupulous procedure of growing coffee and is the perfect destination for all ages.


Matecana City Zoo:

Matecana City Zoo is located in the Pereira city at the distance of 40 kilometers from Cartago city is home to discrete animal species and zoo is enclosed by verdant foliage and tourists can view some exceptional and native wild animals in the zoo is the prime attraction in Pereira city.



Panaca is one of the major theme parks located in Armenia city at the distance of 55 kilometers from Cartago city. Tourists can enjoy the beauty of nature in the region. Panaca is surrounded by agricultural lands and one can interact with the local people as well.


Other places to visit in and around Cartago:

  • Cathedral of Our Lady of Poverty
  • Cathedral of Cartago
  • The Rebecca
  • Museum of Art Pereira
  • Sanctuary of Our Lady of Fatima
  • Prometheus Bound


Best time to Visit Cartago:

Cartago experiences warm climate throughout the year and average temperature is around 27 degree Celsius on tropical day. Best time to visit Cartago is from December to March since during these months climate will be pleasant.


How to Reach Cartago?

By Air:

Nearest airport to Cartago is Matecaña International Airport, located at the distance of 30 kilometers in Pereira city and the airports caters with national and international flights to Bogota, Panama City, Cartagena, Santa Marta, Cali, Condoto, Quibdo and Medellin cities and from airport there are number of buses operating to Cartago cities and tourists can hire taxi as well.


By Road:

Cartago is connected through state and national highways and receives scheduled buses from neighboring countries like Bogota, Pereira, Armenia, Cali, Ibague and Manizales. Tourists can hire taxi or can board bus to get around the city.


Where to Stay in Cartago?

Cartago is visited by local tourists throughout the year and for the convenience of tourists there are few hotels, guesthouses and farmhouses in and around the city. Some of the major and star hotels are situated in Pereira and Armenia cities at the distance of around 45 kilometers from Cartago city. Hotels in Cartago provide all the basic amenities to the tourists visiting the places throughout the year. Some of the hotels in and around Cartago are listed below:

  • Hotel Torreon
  • Hotel Soratama
  • Hotel Don Alfonso
  • Luxor Plaza Hotel – Pereira
  • Monterosa Apartamentos Amoblados
  • Sazagua Hotel
  • Ghl Hotel Abadia Plaza
  • ZiOne Luxury Hotel
  • Movich Hotel de Pereira
  • Hotel La Catalina
  • Casa de Huéspedes Hacienda Castilla
  • Hacienda Hotel San Jose

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