Tourist Places to Visit in Quibdo, Colombia, America

Tourist Places to Visit in Quibdo, Colombia, America

Quibdo is located in western part of Colombia is the capital city of Choco Department on the River of Atrato. Majority of the populace of the region depends on fishing, farming and local business for their livelihood and few reputed educational institutions are based in the city.

Quibdo is surrounded by mountain region and 1,288.6 square miles (3,337.5 square kilometers) and located at an elevation of 141 feet (43 meters) above the sea level. Quibdo is surrounded by Urrao, La Estrella, Medellin, Rionegro, Manizales, Santa Fe de Antioquia and Itagui and located at the distance of 630 kilometers from Bogota, capital of Colombia. Coordinates of Quibdo are 5.6922° N, 76.6581° W.


History of Quibdo:

Quibdo was inhabited by native people and Spanish did not establish the colony in the region due to high humidity. During the 19th century sea route was establish between Atlantic and pacific Ocean and Choco territory became one of the prominent place to European colonial powers and during the research in the region gold and platinum was discovered in Atrato Valley.


Places to Visit in Quibdo:

Utria National Park:

Utria National Park is surrounded by abundance of mangroves, plenty of Pacific Ocean’s marine wildlife and tropical jungle. National park is surrounded by numerous natural attractions, landscapes, valleys and beautiful ecosystems is one of the main ecosystems of Colombia.


Tatama National Park:

Tatama National Park is around 100 kilometers from Quibdo city is located Western Andes and has lovely ecosystem is a protected park which is still away from human intervention. Park is the natural shelter for distinct flora and fauna species.


Other Places to visit in and around Quibdo:

  • Pueblito Paisa
  • Los Alumbrados
  • The Metropolitan Cathedral
  • Casa Museo Fernando González
  • Museo Universidad de Antioquia
  • Museo Pedro Nel Gómez
  • Museo de Arte Moderno de Medellin
  • The Parque Periodista
  • Parque San Antonio
  • Parque de Boston

Best time to Visit Quibdo:

Quibdo is served by a tropical rainforest climate with wet and cloudy climate and it rains throughout the year and best time to visit Quibdo is from December to March.


How to Reach Quibdo?

By Air:

El Carano Airport serves domestic flights to cities like Bahia Solano, Medellin, Herrera, Nuqui, Condoto, Pereira, Bogota and Cali and Medellin is the nearest international airport located at the distance of 190 kilometers from Quibdo city.


By Road:

Quibdo is well connected through state highway from Medellin city and lots of buses services operate from the Quibdo to Medellin, Pereira, Armenia and Bogota cities and taxis and motorcycle are available to get around the city.


Where to Stay in Quibdo?

Quibdo has some good main hotels providing the accommodation needs of the tourists visiting the location all through the year. The hotels provide all sorts of comfort and generosity towards the tourists who book rooms in such hotels located in and around Quibdo. Apart from providing decent accommodation, hotels also offer some of the modern facilities. Here is the list of hotels taken from Medellin located 180 kms from Quibdo namely:

  • Hotel bh El Poblado
  • Hotel Poblado Plaza
  • Hotel Nutibara Poblado Suites
  • Aparta Hotel Portal del Rodeo
  • La Campana Hotel Boutique
  • Hotel Conquistadores
  • Villa de la Candelaria Hotel
  • Las Rosas Hotel Boutique
  • Hotel Boutique Florencia Plaza
  • Aparta Suites Torre Poblado
  • Suite Comfort Hotel
  • Medellin Corporate Stays Antioquia
  • Happy Buddha Boutique Hostel
  • Aparthotel La Provincia
  • Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites Medellin

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