Places to Visit in Corn Island, Nicaragua, America

Places to Visit in Corn Island, Nicaragua, America

Corn Island is situated in the Caribbean Sea in Regional Autonoma del Atlantico Sur Department in Nicaragua country in Central America. Corn Islands consists of 12 municipalities with an area of 5 square miles (12.9 square kilometers) and Corn Island is divided into Big Corn Island and Little Corn Island and the highest mount on the island is Mount Pleasant. Coconut plantations, fishing and tourism helps in the growth of economy and coordinates of Corn Island are 12.1667° N, 83.0333° W.


History of Corn Island:

Corn Island was under the British Protectorate from the year 1665 to 1894 and the area was called as Mosquito Coast is visited by the Caribbean Pirates. Later in the year 1894, the island was claimed by Nicaraguan Government. In the year 1914, under the Bryan Chamorro Treaty the island was under the law of the United States for 99 years.


Places to Visit in Corn Island:

Mount Pleasant Hill:

Mount Pleasant Hill is positioned at an elevation of 371 feet (113 meters) above the sea level is situated in Big Corn Island is one of the stunning mountains on the island surrounded by lush greenery which keeps climate pleasant throughout the year.


Quinn Hill:

Quinn Hill is located in the Big Corn Island in Corn Island and the hill is home for few historic and artistic art instillations, from top of the mountain one can experience the stunning view of the surrounding.


Picnic Beach:

Picnic Beach is the one of the most charming and spotless beach on the island with fine sand and mild waves along the beach there are few restaurants.


Little Corn Island:

Little Corn Island can be reached through boat is one of the small islands in the country where tourists can enjoy at the beautiful island.


Things to do in Corn Island:

  • Snorkeling
  • Scuba Diving
  • Fishing
  • Boating
  • Kayak


Weather in Corn Island:

Corn Island experiences tropical rainforest climate with long wet season with heavy rain and short dry season and dry season starts from the month of February till April and wet season from May to January and best time to visit Corn Island is from February to April.


How to Reach Corn Island?

By Air:

Corn Island Airport is located at the distance of 4 kilometers from center of the islands in Big Corn Island with domestic flights to Bluefields and Managua frequently is the major airport in Corn Island.


By Sea:

Corn Island port is operated by Corn Island Municipality and port caters with domestic ferries to Bluefields and other ports in Nicaragua country frequently and ferry services are available to Little Corn Island from Big Corn Island.


By Road:

Corn Island is well connected through the roadways and there are small roads on the island linked to each village on the island and transportations like mini buses, cars and taxis are available to get around the island.


Where to Stay in Corn Island?

Apart from magnificent architecture and pleasing atmosphere, Corn Island is one of the most significant sites for diving. To cope up with the increasing travelers or tourists arrival and their lodging needs, Hotels at Corn Island are for all the kinds of tourists and offer luxurious rooms with world class facilities such as laundry service, cable TV, air-conditioned rooms etc, at a tariff of $ 10 to $ 100 and above per day. Some of the hotels in Corn Islands are listed here below:

  • Casa Canada
  • South End Sunrise Hotel
  • Tree House & Crow’s Nest
  • Hotel Bellavista
  • Sea Star Spa
  • Paraiso Beach Hotel
  • La Princesa de la Isla
  • Cabanas vientos del Norte
  • Sunrise Hotel
  • Paraiso Club
  • May Flowers
  • Hotel Ruppie
  • Hospedaje Frances

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