Tourist Places to Visit in Tola, Nicaragua, America

Tourist Places to Visit in Tola, Nicaragua, America

Tola is town and municipality in Rivas Department in the Republic of Nicaragua in Central America and covers an area of 477 square kilometers is located at an elevation of 38 meters above the sea level is surrounded by hills. Economy of the municipality depends on fishing, agriculture, livestock and tourism and there are plenty of marine species used for fishing. Tola is located at the distance of 108 kilometers from the capital of Nicaragua, Managua and surrounded by Rivas, Potosi, Nancimi, Guacalito de La Isla, Iguana, San Juan del Sur, and Belen and coordinates of Tola are 11.4333° N, 85.9333° W.


Places to Visit in Tola:

Colorado Beach:

Colorado Beach is located at the distance of 28 kilometers from Tola town and beach in the Pacific Ocean with white sand, colored water and waves which are best suited for surfing and visited by the surfers from all over the world.


Sea Turtle Nursery at Punta Teonoste:

Sea Turtle Nursery is located in the Punta Teonoste Beach on the Pacific Coast at the distance of 30 kilometers from the middle of the town and the spot where the species of sea turtles like Paslama, Torita and Tora arrive to offspring and a resort is located on the beach provides the shelter and protection to the turtle nests.

El Astillero Beach:

El Astillero Beach is situated towards the north part of the town of Tola and the beach is inhabited by fishermen and waves are quite and safe for swimming, is one of the unique destinations to visit in Tola Town.


Other Places to Visit in Tola:

  • Shipyard Beaches
  • Brito
  • Guasacate
  • Giant
  • Guacalito Tourist
  • Ranches Santana
  • Iguanas Beach


Things to do in Tola:

  • Fishing
  • Diving
  • Swimming
  • Snorkeling
  • Boating
  • Water Sports
  • Bird Watching


Weather in Tola:

Tola experiences tropical climate with dry and wet season and average temperature ranges from 18 ° to 27 ° C annually and wet months are from May to September and dry season begins in November till April and best time to visit Tola is from November to April.


How to Reach Tola?

By Air:

Nearest Airport to Tola is Augusto C. Sandino International Airport, located at the distance of 102 kilometers from center of the Tola municipality is the major domestic and international airport in the country which operates flights to cities like Havana, Miami, San Jose, San Salvador, Guatemala City, Panama City, Atlanta, Bluefields, Bonanza, Corn Island, Greytown La Poloma, Houston, Fort Lauderdale and Waspam and various other cities in Central America.


By Road:

Tola is linked through national highway to capital of the country other departments in the country and one can avail the public buses from several parts of the country to Tola town regularly and taxis are available for hire and car and bikes are available on rent.


Where to Stay in Tola?

There are few presumed hotels ranging from budget to luxury providing excellent accommodation facilities to the tourists visiting the place all round the year. Besides offering world class living options like bar, lounge, wellness center, shuttle bus service, suites, they also serve authentic sea cuisine and dishes which creates a lasting impression in the minds of the tourists and visitors are advised to book the rooms prior visiting the town to avoid the last minute rush. List of hotels located in Tola are as follows:


  • Hotel La Bocana del Surf
  • Hotel Popoyo
  • Hotel Punta Teonoste
  • Soma Surf Resort
  • Hostal Hamacas
  • Punta Teonoste Nature Lodge and Beach Spa

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