Bayamo Tourist Places to Visit in Bayamo, Cuba, America

Bayamo Tourist Places to Visit in Bayamo, Cuba, America

Bayamo is a city in Granma Province of Cuba is the largest city in the Oriente region spans an area of 918 square kilometers (354 square miles) located at an elevation of 55 meters (180 feet) above the sea level and River Bayamo flows through the city. Bayamo is home to the University of Granma and few small scale industries are located in the city. Bayamo is surrounded by Siete Palmas, Jiguani, Cauto Cristo, Barranca, Julia Mabay, Dos Rios, Charco Redondo and Guisa and situated at the distance of 742 kilometers from the capital of Cuba, Havana. Coordinates of Bayamo are 20.3817° N, 76.6428° W.


History of Bayamo:

Bayamo was founded in the year 1513 by Diego Velazquez de Cuellar. Bayamo became the prominent agriculture and commercial town during the 16th century and due to the establishment of port the town gained prominence and in the year 1827, Bayamo was declared as the city.


Places to Visit in Bayamo:

Nico Lopez Museum:

Nico Lopez Museum was constructed in the year 1909, which showcases the history, artifacts like weapons, clothes, photos and documents is one of the prime attractions in the city.


Plaza del Himno Nacional:

Plaza Del Himno Nacional is called as the Square of the National Anthem is one of the Bayamo’s historically significant squares and pays tribute to the creator of the national anthem.


Torre de San Juan de Evangelista:

Torre de San Juan de Evangelista is a historical site which was burned to the ground during the fire of 1869 and the ruin is the entrance of the cemetery but the cemetery was closed in the year 1919.


Other Places to visit in Bayamo:

  • Old Sugar Cane Mill Pilar de Jucaibama
  • Casa de la Nacionalidad Cubana
  • Casa Natal de Cespedes
  • Museo Provincal
  • Museo Casa Natal del Padre de la Patria
  • Iglesia Parroquial Mayor de San Salvador
  • La Catedral de Bayamo

Best time to Visit Bayamo:

Bayamo is served by summer season from the month of May and ends in the month of September with an average of 340 Celsius while the winter season begins from October and last till March with an average drop of 150 Celsius, the month from October to March is the best time to tour Bayamo.


How to Reach Bayamo?

By Air:

Bayamo is served by Carlos Manuel de Cespedes Airport positioned at the distance of 4.5 kilometers from Bayamo city which served domestic flights to Havana city daily.


By Train:

Bayamo Railway Station is the main station in the city connects to all the major cities and towns in the country and used by most of the populace in the city.


By Road:

Bayamo is one of the main cities in the country which is well connected through road and one can find buses plying from different parts of the country to the Bayamo city at regular interval. Cycles and cycle rickshaws are the main mode of transportation in the city.


Where to Stay in Bayamo?

Tourist can find lots of hotels and can have a relaxed stay at hotels in Bayamo. There are hotels ranging from budget to luxury with deluxe rooms in Bayamo. Hotels in Bayamo have various outstanding facilities such as free transport to and fro the airport, flat screen TV, children’s amusement areas, medicinal massages etc. Rental charge on rooms in hotels in Bayamo cost from $ 15 to $ 300 and above per day. Some of the hotels in Bayamo are listed here below:

  • Hotel Royalton
  • Hotel Sierra Maestra
  • Hotel Escuela Telegrafo
  • Hotel Islazul Sierra Maestra
  • Casa Arturo & Esmeralda
  • Casa de Ana Marti Vazquez
  • Villa Islazul Bayamo
  • Villa Manuela
  • Casa Olguita

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