Places to Visit in Treinta y Tres, Uruguay, America

Places to Visit in Treinta y Tres, Uruguay, America

Treinta y Tres is a city placed in Treinta y Tres department Uruguay, is located on the banks of River Olimar Grande River in the western part of the country and located at the distance of 490 kilometers from Montevideo, capital of Uruguay. Treinta y Tres is home to some of the renowned personalities in the field of football, art, and music and populace of the city depends on agriculture and cattle rearing for earning and Treinta y Tres attracts large number of tourists every year. Treinta y Tres coordinates are 33.2333° S, 54.3833° W.


History of Treinta y Tres:

Treinta y Tres means “Thirty Three” and the city is home to national heroes who fought for independence of Uruguay during the 19th century. Treinta y Tres was declared as a village in the year 1853 and later in the year 1884, it was declared as the capital of the department Treinta y Tres.


Tourism in Treinta y Tres:

Treinta y Tres has affluent history and culture and hub to a large number of attractions and occasions for tourists. Treinta y Tres has an extensive spread of natural space and stunning location is a true paradise for holidaymakers. Treinta y Tres city organizes lots of events and festivals and one of the popular Uruguayan festivals is the Carnaval, celebrated with dance, music and parades and visited by thousands of tourists from all over the country.

Places to see in Treinta y Tres:

Olimar River:

Olimar River is the prominent river at Treinta y Tres city which provides pleasant environment in the city and municipal is the best example which is spread along the Olimar River and sports like kayaking and cycling along the river banks are popular in the city.


St. Joseph the Worker Parish Church:

St. Joseph the Worker Parish Church is one of the oldest and renowned churches in the city visited by number of devotees throughout the year and during festival the church is decorated and various events are organized.


Interesting Places to see in and around Treinta y Tres:

  • Ravine of the Crows
  • Parish Church of Our Lady of the Thirty-Three
  • Gorge of Teja
  • Port the Charqueada
  • Parish Church of the Holy Savior


Weather in Treinta y Tres:

Treinta y Tres is served by a pleasant climate and during summer climate is hot and winter season is cooler with fog. Best time to visit Treinta y Tres is between May to November.


Transportation to Treinta y Tres:

Treinta y Tres is served by Treinta y Tres airport situated at the distance of 22 kilometers which operates flights to Montevideo city and from Montevideo city tourists can board to international destinations. Treinta y Tres is connected through railway line and receives regular trains from Montevideo city, Rio Branco, Melo, Minas, Rocha, Maldonado and Durazno cities. Treinta y Tres is linked through highways like Route 8, 14, 17, 19 and 98 from different part of the country and majority of the populace in the city uses the bus services and buses in the city are operated by private and government groups and cars and motor cycles are the common form to travel in and around the city.


Accommodation in Treinta y Tres:

Treinta y Tres, with its rich history and culture, is home to a large number of attractions and opportunities for tourists. Treinta y Tres provides world class accommodation facilities to the tourists and guest rooms are fully furnished with breathtaking interiors and design and with spacious room and amenities like 24-hour reception and check-out service, a hotel safe, a currency exchange facility, a cloakroom, cafe, a restaurant, conference facilities and WLAN/Internet access are provided. Some of the hotels in Treinta y Tres are listed here below:

  • Treinta y Tres Sa Hotel
  • Olimar Hotel
  • Central Hotel
  • Pinos de la Quebrada Hotel
  • Municipal Rio Olimar Hotel
  • 33 Orientales Hotel
  • La Charqueada
  • Quebrada de los Cuervos
  • Salto Agua del Cerro Chato
  • Patron Hotel
  • Estancia Los Platanos

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