Tourist Places to Visit in Paysandu, Uruguay, America

Tourist Places to Visit in Paysandu, Uruguay, America

Paysandu is a capital city of Paysandu department in Uruguay, is located in the western part of the country on the banks of River Uruguay which is located at an elevation of 112 feet (34 meters) above the sea level. Paysandu is renowned for sugar, woolen fabrics, leather production and home to the harvesting of Eucalyptus plantation industry. Paysandu is surrounded by San Javier, Salto, Guichon, Algorta and Young and located at the distance of 370 kilometers from Montevideo, capital of Uruguay. Coordinates of Paysandu are 32.3214° S, 58.0756° W.


History of Paysandu:

Paysandu was established in the year 1756 and it was a town before the independence and later attained the city status in the year 1863. General Leandro Gomez led Uruguayan forced to save the town from the attack of Brazil in the year 1864.


Tourism in Paysandu:

Paysandu city has affluent history and culture, is a true holiday ecstasy for its visitors. It is home to a huge number of museums and other significant historical structures like the Cathedral and the Old Cemetery. The city is also home to a number of beaches that guarantee a great experience and there are distinct sporting clubs, like rowing club, yacht club, football, rugby, hockey and tennis. Paysandu is hub to a number of restaurants, hotels and cafes that guarantee a fine dining experience. The city is said to be one of the finest places to taster some of the famous Uruguayan Littoral and steaks. Carnival is the most popular festival in the city which is celebrated throughout the city with music and processions.


Places to see in Paysandu:

  • Museo de la Tradicion
  • Museo Salesiano
  • Museo Historico
  • Valle del Lunarejo
  • Montes del Queguay
  • Palmeras
  • Guichon
  • Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish Church
  • Joseph the Worker Parish Church
  • Raymond and St. John Bosco Parish Church


Weather in Paysandu:

Paysandu enjoys humid subtropical climate where summers are warm to hot and winters are cool with frosts and fog. Best time to visit Paysandu is from May to November.


Transportation in Paysandu:

Paysandu is linked through railway line from capital city, Montevideo which receives daily train from cities like Empalme Olmos, San Jose, Canelones, Lorenzo Carnelli, Yatai and Florida. There is small port along the river Uruguay which operates small ferries to neighboring port and country Argentinal. Paysandu is linked through Route no 3 and 90 from the south and north parts of the country and buses will operate frequently to Paysandu city and connected through Ruta Enlance Paysandu Bridge to Argentina city. Paysandu Airport operates domestic flights to cities in the country and airport is located at the distance of 5.5 kilometers from Paysandu city.


Accommodation in Paysandu:

Paysandu is located along the Uruguay River and hotels are situated close to the river which provides beautiful views of surrounding valley and landscapes and hotel are designed for both domestic and international travelers with world class facilities like internet services, housekeeping, safe-deposit box, mini bar, refrigerator, cable TV, security guard and other facilities and cost from $ 10 to $ 150 and above. Some of the hotels in Paysandu are listed here below:

  • Hotel Papiros
  • Hotel Paris
  • Hotel Bulevar
  • Hotel Casagrande
  • Gran Hotel Paysandu
  • Hotel Mykonos
  • Hotel Plaza
  • Hotel La Castellana

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