Artigas Tourist Places to Visit in Artigas, Uruguay, America

Artigas Tourist Places to Visit in Artigas, Uruguay, America

Artigas is a city in an Artigas department in the country of Uruguay and the city was named after the national hero of the country who fought for the emancipation of the River Plate named Jose Gervasio Artigas. Artigas is situated near the border of Brazil which is divided by a bridge from the Quarai town of Brazil and the capital of the country Uruguay, Montevideo is located at the distance of 595 kilometers from Artigas. Mining, agriculture production and trading boost the economy of the city and trading is mainly carried out with Argentina and Brazil countries. Artigas is surrounded by Paysandu, Rivera, Salto and Tacuarembo and coordinates of Artigas are 30.4667° S, 56.4667° W.


History of Artigas:

Artigas region was established by Don Carlos Catala in the year 1852 and named the town as San Eugenio del Cuareim and it became the capital of department and city in the year 1915.


Places to Visit in Artigas:

St. Eugene of the Cuareim Parish Church:

St. Eugene of the Cuareim Parish Church is one of the main Roman Catholic Church in the city visited by hundreds of devotees and devotees from bordering regions also visit the church. Church is known for its architectural design.



Carnival is organized in the city for the period of one month and carnival will start at the night is visited by thousands of peoples from the country and it is visited by hundreds of people from bordering Brazil and during the carnival people will enjoy and different cuisines is prepared.


Other Places to visit in and around Artigas:

  • Valle del Lunarejo
  • Montes del Queguay
  • Palmeras Park
  • Guichon


Best time to Visit Artigas:

Artigas is served by humid subtropical climate where summer is warm to hot and winters are cool and best time to visit Artigas is from May to June.


How to Reach Artigas?

By Air:

Artigas Airport which handles only domestic flights in the country and commercial flights are operated to Argentina and Brazilian cities. Artigas airport is situated at the distance of 5 kilometers from middle of the city.


By Train:

Artigas has Artigas Railway Station located just few kilometers from heart of the city which handles both passenger and commercial train services in the country.


By Bus:

Artigas is connected through national highway and connected through a bridge to neighboring country Brazil and it receives domestic and international buses which are operated by government and private groups.


Where to Stay in Artigas?

Artigas is located at the tip of the country sharing border with Brazil, tourists can find few hotels in the city which offers some of the best accommodation facilities in the city with world class amenities and one can find few guesthouses and home stay facilities for the tourists which are operated by tour operators in the city. Accommodation facility in the city will cost around $ 10 to $ 100 with all the major facilities. Some of the hotels in Artigas are listed below:

  • Hotel Casino San Eugenio del Cuareim
  • La Previa Resto

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