Beautiful Tourist Places to Visit in Uruguay, America

Beautiful Tourist Places to Visit in Uruguay, America

Uruguay country is situated towards the southeastern part of South American is identified as Oriental Republic of Uruguay or can also be called as Eastern Republic of Uruguay. Uruguay is the smallest country in South America spans an area of 176,215 square kilometers (68,037 square miles) after Suriname country. Economy of the country mainly depends on agriculture, fishing, tourism, financial sector and other trade. Uruguay is surrounded by Argentina and Brazil and situated on the Coast of South Atlantic Ocean. Coordinates of Uruguay are 32.7333° S, 56.6500° W.


History of Uruguay:

Before the establishment of colonization, Uruguay was inhabited by small tribe from south Paraguay, Guarani. Spanish arrived to Uruguay in 1516 and Spanish introduced cattle farming in the year 1603 and first settlement was established in 1624 near Rio Negro. Between the years 1669 to 1671, Portuguese constructed the fort at Colonia del Sacramento region but Spanish expanded the colony in the country. Independence revolution was started by Jose Gervasio Artigas in the year 1811, who became the national hero of Uruguay country and defeated the Spanish army in the Battle of Las Piedras. In the year 1903, Jose Batlle y Ordonez was elected as president of country.


Food and Culture in Uruguay:

Spanish is spoken ubiquitously in the country and English is spoken by few populaces in Montevideo and Punta del Este cities. Beef is consumed more in the country and Asado is the national dish in Uruguay and other cuisines are beef platters, chivito (steak sandwiches), pasta, barbecued kidneys, and sausages. Music, dance and arts form the integral part of the country.


Places to see in Uruguay:

  • Historic Quarter of the City of Colonia del Sacramento
  • Palacio Legislative
  • La Rambla (promenade maritime) de la Cité de Montévideo
  • Architecture Moderne du XX siècle de la Ville de Montevideo
  • Chamangá: A Rock Paintings Area
  • Insular area and bay of Colonia del Sacramento
  • Paysage Culturel et Industriel Fray Bentos
  • Valle del Lunarejo
  • Montes del Queguay
  • Colonia Lighthouse
  • Basilica del Sanctísimo Sacramento
  • Casa de Nacarello
  • Palace Cave
  • Rincon del Bonete
  • El Puente de la Barra
  • Cuartel de Dragones
  • Cathedral of St. Ferdinand
  • Ciudad Vieja
  • Mercado del Puerto
  • National History Museum
  • El Día del Patrimonio
  • Museo de la Tradicion
  • Museo Salesiano
  • Punta del Este Lighthouse
  • Gorriti Island
  • Dayman Hot Springs


Weather in Uruguay:

Uruguay experiences seasonal variation in climate, during summer climate will be hot and humid and winter will be cold with fog. Due to absence of mountains, climate will change rapidly in the city and best time to visit Uruguay is from July to September.


Transportation at Uruguay:

Carrasco International Airport is the largest and busiest airport in the country placed in Montevideo city and handles with domestic and international flights to countries like North America, Central America, South America, Australia and New Zealand. Train service in the country is limited to few cities and do not have fixed schedule and trains connect Montevideo to the northern suburbs. Buses are the main mode of transportation in the country and buses will run from Brazil and Argentina cities regularly to Uruguay city. Ferries will operate from Argentina city Buenos Aires to Montevideo city regularly and ferries are operated by private groups in the country and Montevideo Port is the largest port in the country which serves commercial and passenger services.


Accommodation in Uruguay:

Luxurious hotels in Uruguay conference hotel combine elegance and class and welcomes business travelers and holidaymakers alike. Suites combine a relaxing atmosphere with the best quality service, satisfies both business travelers and tourists. Luxurious hotels in Uruguay will provide facilities like room service, housekeeping, safe-deposit box, mini bar, refrigerator, cable/ satellite TV, gym, swimming pool, high-speed internet, sauna, spa, massage, and parking etc. List of hotels in Uruguay are listed here below:

  • Salto Hotel y Casino
  • Parque Oceanico La Coronilla
  • Montoya La Barra
  • Posada Paradiso Jose Ignacio
  • Brisas del Hum Ortos Destinos
  • Horacio Quiroga Termas
  • Estancia La Calera Estancias
  • El Descubrimiento Resort Atlantida
  • Hostería Fortín de San Miguel Rocha
  • Terrazas de La Viuda Punta del Diablo
  • San Remo Terrazas Puerto
  • El Viajero La Pedrera La Pedrera
  • Las Eduardas Apart Hotel La Paloma
  • Balmoral Plaza Montevideo
  • Sisai Boutique Hotel Punta del Este
  • Beltrán Hotel y Restaurant Colonia

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