Places to Visit in Sancti Spiritus, Cuba, America

Places to Visit in Sancti Spiritus, Cuba, America

Sancti Spiritus is the oldest and best preserved cities in the Sancti Spiritus province in Cuba. Sancti Spiritus municipality is divided into sixteen towns and covers an area of 444.3 square miles (1,150.7 square kilometers) is located at an elevation of 51 meters (167 feet) above the sea level. Sancti Spiritus province has a lot to offer from gorgeous seashores and mountains to particularly preserve colonial towns. It is one of the most admired parts of Cuba for this reason.


People and Cuisines of Sancti Spiritus:

Populaces in Sancti Spiritus speak Spanish, Portuguese and English and art and culture are the integral part of the province culture. In Sancti Spiritus town tourists can find lots of restaurants and food stalls which provide some of the best Cuban cuisines with traditional taste.


Places to Visit in Sancti Spiritus:

Ancon Beach:

Ancon Beach is located in Sancti Spiritus Province in Trinidad town at the distance of 70 kilometers from Sancti Spiritus town. It is extensively familiar as the finest beach on Cuba’s south coast, due to its impressive mountain views and fine white sand.


Valle de los Ingenios:

Valle de Los Ingenios is a historical site where tourists can explore the 70 historic sugar mills lining this valley just outside Trinidad. Tower near the mill provides the excellent view of the nearby mountains and beaches.


Plaza Serafin Sanchez:

Plaza Serafin Sanchez is a large public square with a handful of excellent colonial buildings in diverse states of disrepair mixed in with bland modern constructions and the most attractive plaza in the city of Sancti Spiritus.


Topes de Collantes:

Topes de Collantes is renowned for its diverse flora and fauna including colorful parrots and the Tocororo, Cuba’s national bird at this park, deep within the Escambray Mountains.


Other Places to visit in Sancti Spiritus:

  • Biblioteca Provincial Ruben Martinez
  • Puente Yayabo
  • Calle Llano
  • Museo de Arte Colonial
  • Casa de los Refranes
  • Ermita de la Popa
  • Museo de Arquitectura Trinitaria
  • Museo Romantico
  • Museo Historico Municipal


Best time to Visit Sancti Spiritus:

Sancti Spiritus is served by tropical savanna climate same as the other parts of the country in Cuba and best time to visit Sancti Spiritus is from November to March.


How to Reach Sancti Spiritus?

Carretera Central de Cuba and Autopista Nacional are the major roads which connect Sancti Spiritus to other towns and cities in Cuba country. Tourists can board public or private buses from Sancti Spiritus city to commute other towns and cities in the provinces and it receives daily trains from Havana and other distinct parts of the country. Sancti Spiritus Airport is located at a distance of 4.5 kilometers from the heart of the city serves wit domestic flights to Havana city and from Havana tourists can board international flights.


Where to Stay in Sancti Spiritus?

Sancti Spiritus hotel boasts amenities to keep tourists comfortable while wandering on business and suitable location, close to attractions guests will take pleasure in the relaxed bedding in spacious guest rooms, as well as deluxe facilities and offers a 24-hour fitness center, safe-deposit boxes and laundry/dry cleaning services, high-speed wired and wireless Internet access, Gym, Swimming pool, Shops, Excursions, Ballroom, beauty and wellness center as well. Some of the hotels in Sancti Spiritus are listed below:

  • Hostal del Rijo
  • Hotel Plaza
  • Brisas Trinidad del Mar
  • Casa Font
  • Gran Hotel Iberostar Trinidad
  • Hostal Casa Muñoz
  • Hotel Ancon
  • Hotel Las Cuevas
  • Casa Meyer
  • Hotel Los Laureles
  • Hotel Deportivo
  • Hotel Las Villas
  • Hotel Zara

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