Places to Visit in Andros Island, Bahamas, America

Places to Visit in Andros Island, Bahamas, America

Andros Island is an archipelago in the country of Bahamas geographically positioned between 24°26′ N latitude and 77°57′ W longitude. It is the largest island of the 26 inhabited islands of the country covering an area of 5,957 sq. km. (length 167 km and width 64 km). Barrier reef of Andros is the 6th longest and has the largest collection of blue holes of the globe.

Andros Island is situated about 30 miles away from Nassau on New Providence Island and 138 miles from Fort Lauderdale in Florida. Andros Town is the largest town of Andros Island and the island is nicknamed ‘The Sleeping Giant’ and ‘The Big Yard’.


How to reach Andros Island?

There are four airports in Andros Island, Andros Town International Airport is the major airport located in Fresh Creek and other airports include San Andros Airport, Clarence A. Bain Airport and Congo Town Airport.

ATIA receives scheduled flights from Paris, New York City, Boston, Atlanta, London, Dallas, Jacksonville, Miami and many other international and domestic locations.

There is Sea-Link Ferry operating ferries between Andros and Nassau, the capital of Bahamas. Private buses are helpful for local travel and taxis are available at all the 4 airports of Andros Island.


Culture, Food and Shopping in Andros Island:

There are numerous festivals celebrated throughout the year in the different towns of Andros Island. The major festivals include Crabfest, Conch Festival, Goombay festival, Pirates’ Festival and Seafood Splash & Chickcharnie Festival.

Andros Island houses full of modern and traditional shopping centres all around the island and the main food corners in Andros Island are:

  • Shine’s Conch Shack
  • Hanks Place
  • The Mudda Sic
  • Lighthouse Hotel and Restaurant


Things to do in Andros Island:

  • Kayaking
  • Bird watching
  • Hiking
  • Snorkeling
  • Diving
  • Fishing


Places of interest in Andros Island:

Church’s Blue Hole:

Church’s Blue Hole is a water-filled cave system ideal for diving activity. Andros houses 178 blue holes, among these around 50 blue holes in the sea attract divers from all around the world.


Andros Lighthouse Beach:

Andros Lighthouse Beach is situated at the gate of Fresh Creek and Andros Lighthouse Yacht Club & Marina is at the edge of the beach supporting well for tourists to enjoy snorkeling, scuba diving and fishing.


Tiamo Beach:

Tiamo Beach is a white sand pristine beach with lined coconut trees. It is on the South Andros Island and is a perfect place for tourists who like to enjoy snorkeling and diving activities.


Other places of interest in Andros Island include:

  • Guardian Blue Hole
  • Small Hope Bay Beach
  • Love Hill Beach
  • Summer Set Beach
  • Nicholls’ Town Beach
  • Regatta Village
  • Pleasant Bay Beach
  • Andros Lighthouse
  • Native Colony Ruins
  • Andros Barrier Reef
  • Reel Tight Charters
  • Great Barrier Reef
  • Androsia Batik Works Factory
  • Forfar Field Station
  • Morgan’s Bluff


Best time to visit Andros Island:

The months between May to November will be the best time to travel Andros Island.


Accommodation options in Andros Island:

Andros Island receives a large number of overseas tourists for its stunning blue holes and spectacular beaches throughout the year. On this point, there are plenty of accommodation centres such as resorts, motels, hotels and clubs established to utilize rich influx of tourists and tourism all around the island with latest amenities and world class services. The prominent hotels in Andros Island are as follows:

  • Tiamo Resort
  • Small Hope Bay Lodge
  • Kamalame Cay
  • Emerald Palms by the Sea
  • Pineville Motel
  • Andros Lighthouse Yacht Club and Marina
  • Love At First Sight Hotel
  • Ritz Beach South Andros
  • Chickcharnie Hotel
  • Coral Caverns Dive Resort
  • Coconut Grove Resort & Fishing Lodge
  • Royal Palm Beach Lodge
  • Seascape Inn
  • Mangrove Cay Inn
  • Green Windows Inn

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