Tourist Places to Visit in Mayaguana, Bahamas, America

Tourist Places to Visit in Mayaguana, Bahamas, America

Mayaguana is one of the islands as well as districts of the Bahamas located in the extreme east of the country, about 100 kms from Inagua and 560 kms from Nassau, the capital of Bahamas and 450 miles from Palm Beach in Florida.


Geography of Mayaguana:

Mayaguana is spread over an area of around 280 km², situated between 22°23′ N latitude and 72°57′ W longitude.


History of Mayaguana:

Lucayans were the original settlers of Mayaguana, lived until the arrival of Spanish in 1492. It was also inhabited in 1812 by the migratory people from Turks and Caicos Islands. Mayaguana derives its name from the Lucayan language and its meaning is ‘Lesser Midwestern Land’.


Connectivity to Mayaguana:

Mayaguana has its own airport, served by Bahamasair and many other private aircrafts to and from both Bahamian locations including the national capital, Nassau (Monday, Wednesday and Friday) and Canadian destinations. Mayaguana Airport is situated in southeast of Abraham’s Bay, one of the 3 main settlements of Mayaguana, other two include Pirates Well and Betsy Bay.

There are boats available for both adventure activities and to reach the nearby islands. Rented car is option for within island travel.


Food and Shopping in Mayaguana:

Mayaguana is one of the best places in Bahamas to taste fresh seafood dish which are prepared along with sweet potatoes, peanuts, corn, and peas.

Velva and Elvin’s place offers fine Bahamian beer at reasonable prices. Abraham’s Bay is the main settlement of Mayaguana housing most of the shops and also tourists can find shops of Pirates Well and Betsy Bay.


Things to do in Mayaguana:

  • Scuba diving
  • Bone fishing
  • Snorkeling
  • Duck hunting
  • Off-trail biking


Places of interest in Mayaguana:

Abraham’s Bay:

Abraham’s Bay is the main settlement as well as tourist location of Mayaguana with reef. It is also home to Paradise Villas that offers quality traditional dish and guides tourists for some exciting deep water experience.


Curtis Creek:

Curtis Creek is a best site to find baby barracuda, sharks, sea turtles, rays and trumpet fish. Tourists can take help of tour guides to explore more.


North Beaches:

The deserted white sand beaches in the north side of the island with crystal clear water are the ideal places to enjoy great swimming and snorkeling activities. There are vehicles available to reach north beaches from the island centre.


Other places of interest near Mayaguana include:

  • Long Island
  • Dean’s Blue Hole
  • Cape Santa Maria
  • Columbus Point
  • Conception Island
  • Stella Maris Resort Club Scuba Diving
  • Deadman’s Cay Caves
  • Long Island Museum
  • Crooked Island Caves
  • Shark Reef


Best time to visit Mayaguana:

The ending months of the summer season will be the ideal time to travel Mayaguana to explore stunning beaches.


Accommodation options in Mayaguana:

Mayaguana Island is widely known for its magnificent beaches that draw scuba divers, snorkelers and kayakers from all around the globe. On this point, there are many resorts renovated recently with latest facilities and services to make tourists happier. The prominent resorts and hotels of Mayaguana Island and other nearby islands are as follows:

  • Paradise Villas
  • Baycaner Beach Resort
  • Chester’s Highway Inn Bone Fish Lodge
  • Tranquillity On The Bay Resort
  • Pittstown Point Landing
  • Cape Santa Maria Beach Resort & Villas
  • Stella Maris Resort Club
  • Gems At Paradise Resort
  • Long Island Breeze Resort
  • Chez Pierre Bahamas
  • Winter Haven Inn
  • Greenwich Creek Lodge
  • Grotto Bay Bahamas
  • The Bahamian Village
  • Lochabar Beach Lodge
  • Beach Bungalows and Bonefishing Lodge

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