Places to Visit in Great Harbour Cay, Bahamas, America

Places to Visit in Great Harbour Cay, Bahamas, America

Great Harbour Cay is an island belonging to Berry Islands in the Bahamas made up of 30 large cays and several small cays with a total length of around 32 miles. Great Harbour Cay is situated around 40 miles of Nassau, the capital of Bahamas.


Geography of Great Harbour Cay:

Great Harbour Cay is placed to the south of Great Abaco between the two major cities of Bahamas, Freeport and Nassau at 25°45′ N 77°50′ W.


History of Great Harbour Cay:

The developments of Great Harbour Cay began during the late 1960s and it was resided by many great figures such as Douglas Fairbanks, Brigitte Bardot, Cary Grant and Telly Savalas during that time.


How to reach Great Harbour Cay?

Great Harbour Cay has its own airport with domestic connections to and from Nassau (15 minutes) and Florida (1 hour) and other neighboring airports include Chub Cay Airport and Cat Cays Airport.

The major air charters connect Great Harbour Cay with Florida include:

  • Tropic Air Charters
  • Noble Air Charters
  • Island Air Charters

From Nassau are:

  • Berry Islands Air
  • LeAir

Tourists can also reach Great Harbour Cay through seaway form different Bahamian islands and Florida and cars and taxis are the best options for local travel.

Tourists are needed to have valid passport to enter Great Harbour Cay.


Food and Shopping in Great Harbour Cay:

Great Harbour Cay is packed with full of restaurants that serve guests with varieties of Bahamian eateries prepared from Grouper, Yellow Tail and Red Snapper fishes. Crawfish and conch are very special food items in GHC. Great Harbour Cay is also rich in shopping sector with both traditional and modern shops.

The main restaurants in Great Harbour Cay are as follows:

  • Rocky Hill Restaurant
  • Coolie Mae Restaurant
  • Carriearl Restaurant
  • Tamboo Club
  • Beach Club Restaurant


Places of interest in and around Great Harbour Cay:


Great Harbor Cay beach:

Great Harbor Cay beach is one of the best beaches of Bahamas having seven miles with striking light blue color water.


Sugar Beach Caves:

Sugar Beach Caves offers memorable snorkeling activity and it nearly takes around a day to explore entire Sugar Beach Caves.


Great Harbor Cay golf course:

Great Harbor Cay has a 9 hole golf course that keeps tourists off the beach for a while. Also there are many restaurants in the vicinity of the golf course with authentic traditional and international cuisines.


Other places of interest near Great Harbour Cay are:

  • Dannenberg Beach
  • Queen’s Beach
  • Sand Dollar Hill
  • Shark Creek
  • Shelling Beach
  • The Shipyard Beach


Best time to visit Great Harbour Cay:

The months of summer season will be the ideal time to travel Great Harbour Cay to explore world famous beaches.


Accommodation options in and around Great Harbour Cay:

Great Harbour Cay houses all kinds of accommodation centres such as rental homes, beach villas, hotels and inns with latest facilities and services. All the hotels rooms are specially designed for tourist’s comforts with colorful lights, paintings and tiles. Some facilities offered by Great Harbour Cay are AC, doctor on call, 24 hour room service and helpdesk and internet connectivity. Advance booking is available which makes easy to get hotel rooms as per the requirements of tourists. List of major hotels in Great Harbour Cay are:

  • Sweet Spot House
  • Sea Side House
  • Morris House
  • Al’s House
  • Sunshine Villa
  • Marrero’s Villa
  • Carriearl Boutique Hotel
  • Harbour Inn
  • Great Harbour Cay Yacht Club and Marina
  • Chub Cay Club
  • Conch Sound Resort Inn

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