Tourist Places to Visit in Falkland Islands, America

Tourist Places to Visit in Falkland Islands, America

Falkland Islands are situated in the South Atlantic Ocean on the Patagonian Shelf.  Falkland Islands has total area of 12,173 square kilometers (4,700 square miles) and divided into East Falkland, West Falkland, Carcass Island, New Island, Pebble Island, Saunders Island, Sea Lion Island and West Point Island and Stanley is the capital and major port city in the country. Falkland Islands is the British Overseas territory.

Economy of the country is mainly based on agriculture, sheep farming, fishing, oil production and industries and services. Falkland Islands coordinates are 51.6833° S, 59.1667° W.


History of Falkland Islands:

Falkland Islands was uninhabited islands before the establishment of Europeans, but the first settlement was established by French in the year 1764 and in 1766, West Falkland was established by British and Spain inhabited in the island in the year 1767. In the year 1840, Falkland officially became a Crown Colony and British made the Port Louis as the capital of country before the establishment of Port Stanley in the year 1845. During the Battle of the Falkland Islands British defeated imperial Germany in the year 1914 and after the war United Kingdom established the military base in the country.


Food and Culture of Falkland Islands:

Populaces of the country mainly follow British Culture and tradition and English is the official language of the country. Seafood is the main cuisine in the country and most consumed foods are the seafood salads with local herbs, fish fillets or the grilled fish and sea trout.


Places to Visit in Falkland Islands:

East Falkland:

East Falkland can be explored through road and tourists can hire vehicles along with tour guide is one of the best site in East Falkland is Volunteer Point where tourists can view plenty of penguins and seals along the unspoiled beaches and cruise ships are also available to East Falkland.


Outer Islands:

Outer Islands are most preferred by tourists due to its remoteness and unspoiled island and tourists must stay for at least one night to experience the beauty and glory of the islands.


Falkland Islands Museum:

Falkland Islands Museum is the only museum in the country situated in Port Stanley which exhibits natural and cultural history of the Falkland Islands and museum is maintained by Falkland Islands Museum and National Trust and situated in Britannia House in the city.


Other Places to visit in Falkland Islands:

  • West Falkland
  • Stanley
  • Wildlife Watching
  • South Georgia
  • Pebble Island
  • Antarctica


Best time to Visit Falkland Islands:

Falkland Islands experiences tundra climate with cool summer and freezing winter and average temperature during summer is about 11 degree Celsius and during winter temperature may drop up -12 degree Celsius and snowfall occur during winter season and best time to reach Falkland Islands is from November to March.


How to Reach Falkland Islands?

Mount Pleasant Airport (MPN) is the main airport in the country also serves as a military base and handles international flights from Santiago de Chile via Punta Arenas, Rio Gallegos, Brize Norton, Oxfordshire cities.

Stanley Port is the prominent port in the country operates large cruise ships during summer season and most of the tourists prefer to travel through sea to reach Falkland Islands which has well prepared yachts to icebreakers and luxury cruise ships. Ships are operated from the Atlantic Peninsula, South Georgia and selected South America Ports.

Traveling in the country is mainly carried by small plane, boats, taxis and Land Rovers and economy way to travel within the country is through boats.

Where to Stay in Falkland Islands?

Falkland Islands has some of the good accommodation facilities to the tourists visiting the Islands throughout the year and for the convenience of the tourists there are Remote House, Settlement House, Hotel, Homestay, Hostel, Lodge and Motel with all the modern facilities and amenities like bar, restaurants, TV, laundry service, internet Service, and other facilities. Some of the accommodation facilities in Falkland Islands are as follows:

  • Carcass Island
  • Port San Carlos – Racepoint Farm Big House
  • The Paddock B&B
  • Susana Binnie’s Homestay
  • Lookout Lodge
  • Malvina House Hotel
  • Waterfront Hotel
  • Sea Lion Island Lodge
  • Pebble Island Lodge
  • Port Howard Lodge
  • North Arm – settlement House
  • Elephant Beach Farm – James Cabin

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