Places to Visit in Port Stanley, Falkland Islands, America

Places to Visit in Port Stanley, Falkland Islands, America

Port Stanley is also identified as Stanley is placed in East part of the Falkland Islands and the capital of country. Port Stanley is the only city in the country which has good infrastructure and facilities like shopping centre, golf course, government buildings, hotels, restaurants, pubs, tourism center and many others and island’s main hospital King Edward VII Memorial Hospital is located in the city and there is a radio station by name Falkland Islands Radio Station (FIRS). Economy of the city is based on government and tourism industry. Port Stanley coordinates are 51.6921° S, 57.8589° W.


History of Port Stanley:

Port Louis was the capital of Falkland Islands until the year 1845, Governor Moody orders to find the new capital of the country and in the year 1843, settlement was established in the Stanley Harbour and made the capital of country in the year 1845. Chelsea Pensioners were settled in the region to help defense in the year 1849 and soon the city became major deep water port in the country.


Places to Visit in Port Stanley:

1982 Liberation Memorial:

1982 Liberation Memorial is devoted to the people who lost their lives in the Falkland War in the year 1982 and the memorial was designed by a local Falkland Islander.

Falkland Islands Museum:

Falkland Islands Museum exhibits natural and cultural history of the Falkland Islands and museum is operated by Falkland Islands Museum and National Trust and situated in Britannia House in the city.


Anglican Christ Church Cathedral:

Anglican Christ Church Cathedral was constructed in 1890 to 1892, designed by Sir Arthur Blomfield is one of the renowned churches in the country.


Other Places to visit in Port Stanley:

  • Gypsy Cove
  • Whalebone Arch
  • Mount Longdon


Best time to Visit Port Stanley:

Port Stanley experiences tundra climate with summer and winter season and during summer average temperature is less than 10 degree Celsius and during winter average temperature is -11 degree Celsius. Best time to visit Port Stanley is from November to March.


How to Reach Port Stanley?

By Air:

Port Stanley is served by Port Stanley Airport located at the distance of 6.5 kilometers from Stanley city handles domestic flights in the country and Mount Pleasant Airport is the only major airport in the country located at the distance of 56 kilometers from Stanley is a military airport but receives international flights from South America.


By Sea:

Port of Stanley is situated at the distance of 3 kilometers from Stanley city and every year thousands of tourists visit Stanley through cruise and cruise ships varies in size and range from well equipped yachts to icebreakers and luxury cruise ships. It receives cruise ships from South Georgia, the Atlantic Peninsula and selected South American ports.


By Road:

Stanley is the only developed city in the country served by bus and taxi services and other stations are located outside the city and motorcycles and cars are used by populace of the region.


Where to Stay in Port Stanley?

Port Stanley is situated in Falkland Islands is the capital of country and has only few hotels but there are home stay, Hostel, Lodge, Motel, Remote House and Settlement Houses which offers excellent accommodation facilities to the tourists holidaying Port Stanley throughout the year and most of the rooms are located close to the natural reserve. Hotels in Port Stanley provide facilities like TV, Wi-Fi, telephone service, laundry, bar and restaurants. Some of the hotels located in Port Stanley are listed below:

  • Malvina House Hotel
  • Upland Goose Hotel
  • The Waterfront Hotel
  • Kay’s B&B
  • Bennett House
  • Lafone House
  • Little Chartres
  • Darwin House
  • Port Howard Lodge
  • Pebble Island Lodge
  • Shorty’s Motel
  • Susana Binnie’s Homestay

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