Faroe Islands Tourist Places to Visit in Faroe Islands, Europe

Faroe Islands Tourist Places to Visit in Faroe Islands, Europe

Faroe Islands are the group of islands in Kingdom of Denmark and the islands is situated in the middle of Norwegian Sea and North Atlantic Ocean. Faroe Islands spans over a total area of 1,399 square kilometers (540 square miles) and comprises of 18 islands and divided into seven regions by name, Northern Islands, Eysturoy, Northern Streymoy, Southern Streymoy, Vagar, Sandoy and Suouroy.

The economy of the Faroe Islands depends on fishing and agriculture industries and petroleum production is booming in the islands and the capital city of Faroe Islands is Torshavn. Coordinates of Faroe Islands are 62.0000° N, 6.7833° W and the islands are uneven and rocky with low mountains and Slaettaratindur is the highest peak in the islands situated at an elevation of 2,894 feet above the sea level.


History of Faroe Islands:

Faroe Islands was inhabited since 600 AD and later in the 9th century Norsemen settled in the region and many people settled in islands from various countries. Torshavn was made the capital of the islands and port was recognized in the city and goods were exported to diverse countries and during the rule of King Frederick III of Denmark in the year 1665, the islands was approved to Gabel Family and Gabel rule changed the administration of the islands and people were suppressed in numerous ways. The islands was captured by the British army in the year 1940 and in the year 1943, British engineers constructed the only airport in the islands Vagar Airport and later the islands was ruled by Denmark.


What to See in Faroe Islands?


Slættaratindur is situated in the Eysturoy Island in Faroe Islands is the highest mountain situated at an elevation of 882 meters above the sea level is worth climbing the top of the mount from where one can see the breathtaking views of the surrounding landscapes.


Torshavn Cathedral:

Torshavn Cathedral is located in the Torshavn near the port is one of the oldest churches in the Faroe Islands and was constructed in 1788 is one of the renowned churches in the city visited by number of devotees from all over the islands.


Interesting places to see in Faroe Islands:

  • Risin og Kellingin
  • Tinganes
  • Tórshavn harbor
  • Nordic House in the Faroe Islands
  • Historical museum in Hoyvík
  • Hestur
  • Nolsoy
  • Magnus Cathedral


Best time to visit Faroe Islands:

Faroe Islands is served by maritime subarctic type of weather and it has short summers and long windy, cloudy and cool type of the weather throughout the year and best time to visit Faroe Islands is from June to September.


How to reach Faroe Islands?

By Air:

Vagar Airport is the only Airport in the Faroe Islands and it is situated in the Vagar Island and the airport has scheduled flights to few parts other neighboring islands and cities like Bergen, Billund, Copenhagen, Reykjavík, Stavanger, Klaksvík, Koltur, Mykines, Skúvoy, Svínoy, Tórshavn and few other cities.


By Sea:

Torshavn port is the main port in the islands and the ferry services in the islands are provided by Smyril Line and there are regular ships to Denmark and Iceland countries.


Getting around the Faroe Islands:

Torshavn city is well connected through the roadways and there are numbers of buses accessible in the city and other islands can be reached by speed boats that are available throughout the islands.


Hotels in Faroe Islands:

Faroe Islands are surrounded by mountains and has cloudy climate almost all the year that makes the islands pleasant to visit throughout the year and there are many guesthouses, hotels and private accommodation in the islands and all the hotels in the islands are equipped with world class amenities and facilities and hotel rooms will costs from $ 20 to $ 400 and above per day, list of some hotels in Faroe Islands are as follows:

  • Hotel Hafnia
  • Hotel Foroyar
  • Hotel Tórshavn
  • Hotel Streym
  • 62°N Airport Hotel
  • Torshavn
  • Bladypi Guesthouse
  • Guesthouse Marknagil
  • Gjaargarður Guesthouse Gjogv
  • Park in Kerjum in Tórshavn

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