Tourist Places to Visit in Torshavn, Faroe Islands, Europe

Tourist Places to Visit in Torshavn, Faroe Islands, Europe

Torshavn is situated towards the south part of the Faroe Islands and it is the capital and largest city in the Island. Torshavn city spans an area of 158 square kilometers (61 square miles) and situated at an elevation of 24 meters (79 feet) above the sea level and North West part of the island is surrounded by mountains.

Torshavn economy depends on tourism, transportation, small business, and farming, trade and commerce and retail sectors. Coordinates of Torshavn are 62.0117° N, 6.7675° W.


History of Torshavn:

Torshavn was ruled by the Vikings during the 9th century and established their own administration rules in the islands and Torshavn was the capital of the islands. Torshavn port was established in the city and goods like salt, timber and cereal were exported to different countries and during the rule of King Frederick III of Denmark in the year 1665, the islands was granted to Gabel Family and during Gabel rule administration of the islands was suppressed in numerous ways. Faroe Island was flourished after 1856, due to the establishment of free trade and farming.


What to See in Torshavn?

Tórshavn Cathedral:

Tórshavn Cathedral is situated around 1.5 miles from center of the city near the port is one of the oldest cathedral in the Faroe Islands and was constructed in 1788 is one of the renowned churches in the city.



Skansin is placed around 1 miles from heart of the city is a historical fortress situated on a hill and the castle was constructed in 1580 by Magnus Heinason to defend against the pirates and from top of the fort, one can view the breathtaking views of surrounding landscapes and city.


Listasavn Føroya:

Listasavn Føroya is called as Faroe Islands Art Museum and the museum was established in 1989 and showcases the permanent exhibitions of Faroese arts and the museum is open from February to December.


Interesting places to see in Torshavn:

  • Tinganes
  • Tórshavn harbor
  • Nordic House in the Faroe Islands
  • Historical museum in Hoyvík
  • Museum of Natural History,
  • Niels Finsens gøta


Best time to visit Torshavn:

Torshavn is served by cool humid temperate climate with short cool summers and long winter seasons and best time to visit Torshavn is from June to September.


How to reach Torshavn?

By Air:

Vágar Airport is the only operating airport in the Faroe Islands and has scheduled flights to Bergen, Billund, Copenhagen, Reykjavik, Stavager, Dimun, Frooba, Hattarvik, and few other cities in Denmark.


By Sea:

Torshavn is well linked through sea route and Torshavn Port handles large cruise ships to neighboring islands and to mainland Denmark and these ships run frequently.


Getting around the Torshavn:

Torshavn is well linked through the roadways and there are buses operating in and around the city and buses will not operate on Saturday and Sunday evenings.


Hotels in Torshavn:

Torshavn is a capital city of Faroe Islands and surrounded by mountains and lush greenery and is a historical city but visited by number of tourists from Europe and there are few hotels in the city that caters with world class accommodation for the tourists visiting the town throughout the year and these hotels cost from $ 15 to $ 400 and above per day with all the contemporary services. List of some hotels in Torshavn are as follows:

  • Hafnia Hotel
  • Hotel Føroyar
  • Hotel Tórshavn
  • Hotel Streym
  • 62°N Airport Hotel
  • Pakkhúsid Apartments
  • Guesthouse Undir Fjalli
  • Guesthouse Marknagil
  • Bládýpi Guesthouse
  • Guesthouse Skansin

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