Tourist Places to Visit in Sunny Beach, Bulgarian, Europe

Tourist Places to Visit in Sunny Beach, Bulgarian, Europe

Sunny Beach is a prominent seaside resort in Bulgaria located on the Black Sea coast of the country. It belongs to the Nessebar municipality in Burgas Province, is situated about 35 km away from Burgas, 90 km from Varna and 415 km from Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria.


Geography of Sunny Beach:

Sunny Beach is positioned in the eastern part of Bulgaria between 42°41′35″ N latitude and 27°42′30″ E longitude.


History of Sunny Beach:

The construction of the resort began in the year 1958. Together with beach beauty, the Mediterranean climate of the area received a large group of German holidaymakers during the summer months in the middle 20th century and in later years; it expanded to Russian tourists. Presently, it receives loads of British, Irish, Scandinavian, Turkish and Dutch tourists along with Germans and Russians.


How to reach Sunny Beach?

Sunny Beach is served by Burgas Airport which operates scheduled flights to London, Moscow, Sofia and Varna and seasonal flights to St. Petersburg, Dublin, St. Petersburg, Luxembourg, Catania, Novosibirsk, Ostrava, Prague, Yekaterinburg, Katowice, Poznan and many other European cities. There are buses available outside the airport costing 5 BGN to Sunny Beach and taxis cost 60 BGN per way.

There are plenty of options in Sunny Beach to get around such as bikes, rickshaws, motopeds, segways and gopets. Bus and train services are also accessible.


Culture, Food and Shopping in Sunny Beach:

Other then beach beauty, Sunny Beach is also renowned for grand cultural events such as the Golden Orpheus International Festival, fashion-shows and different beach competitions.

Beach Boulevard is the prime shopping corner on Sunny Beach boasting numerous stalls and shops. Royal Beach Mall is placed near Barcelo Royal Beach Hotel.

List of reputed restaurants on Sunny Beach include:

  • Restaurant Musoni
  • Star Inn
  • Maestro’s
  • 100% Family Restaurant


Things to do in Sunny Beach:

  • Scuba diving – Nemo Diving Center
  • Swimming
  • Shopping


Places to see in Sunny Beach:

Sunny Beach:

Measuring a length of 5km and width of 30-60 meters, Sunny Beach is one of the best beaches in the world and the most popular beach of Bulgaria. The beach features two zones such as pay zone and free zone and tourists can rent an umbrella or chair in pay zone for 8 BGN for the whole day.


Action Aqua Park:

Action Aqua Park is a mini zoo and water park spread over an area of 36 000 sq. km. It features thematic bars and restaurants and about 30 water attractions and is generally open from 10:00-18:00 and 9:30-19:00 (peak season). The entrance fee depends on the features, generally park charges 38 BGN for full day and 28 BGN half day.


Aqua Paradise:

Located on the Burgas-Varna road in Nesebar, Aqua Paradise is a water park allowed for tourists from 10:00-18:30. The admission fee is 38 BGN for full day and 28 BGN for half day (130+ cm) and 19 BGN for full day and 14 BGN of half day (90-130 cm).


Other places of interest in and around Sunny Beach include:

  • Old Nesebar
  • Hagia Sophia Church
  • Church of Christ Pantokrator
  • Church of St. John the Baptist
  • The Basilica of the Holy Mother of God Eleusa
  • Church of St. Stephen
  • Winery Hristis
  • Church of the Holy Archangels Michael and Gabriel
  • Church of St Clement
  • Nemo Diving Center
  • Church Assumption of the Holy Virgin
  • Church of St Spas
  • Church of St Paraskevi
  • Church of St John Aliturgetos


Best time to visit Sunny Beach:

Between June and September is best, especially from July to mid-August is the ideal time to enjoy your holidays in Sunny Beach while high season runs.


Accommodation options in Sunny Beach:

Being a top tourist destination in Bulgaria, Sunny Beach houses around 800 hotels with 300,000+ beds with amazing amenities and services. Booking hotel rooms in advance will be better; otherwise tourists may get difficulty in finding hotel as per their requirement and budget. Most of the hotels offer advance booking facility through online. Here are some of the best hotels in Sunny Beach:

  • Fairies Palace Hotel
  • Helena Sands Hotel
  • Majestic Hotel & Residence
  • Hotel L&B
  • Iberostar Sunny Beach Resort
  • Dune Hotel
  • Hotel Riu Helios
  • Evrika Beach Club Hotel
  • Aqua Nevis Clubhotel
  • Barcelo Royal Beach
  • MPM Orpheus Boutique Hotel
  • Bora Bora Hotel
  • Helena Park Resort
  • Laguna Park Hotel
  • Rose Village Apartments

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