Best Tourist Places to Visit in Bulgaria, Europe

Best Tourist Places to Visit in Bulgaria, Europe

Bulgaria is a country in Southeast Europe geographically positioned at 42°45′ N 25°30′ E. Sofia is the capital and the largest city of Bulgaria placed towards the western side of the country. Bulgarian Lev is the currency and Bulgarian is the official language of Bulgaria. Bulgaria is one of the member countries of NATO, the Council of Europe and the European Union.


Geography of Bulgaria:

Bulgaria shares its borders with Romania in the north, Greece and Turkey towards south, the Black Sea on the east and Serbia and Macedonia in the west and spread over an area of 110,994 sq. km.


History of Bulgaria:

The history of Bulgaria dates back to 681 AD when the First Bulgarian Empire was formed and the Second Bulgarian Empire was established in the year 1185. The Third Bulgarian State (the principality of Bulgaria) came into existence on 13th July 1878 due to The Russo-Turkish War. The independence of Bulgaria was proclaimed on 5th October 1908.


Getting Bulgaria:

Sofia Airport is the most important airport of Bulgaria with connectivity to Athens, Moscow, Berlin, Paris, Vienna, London, Munich, Birmingham, Istanbul and many other major European locations.

Other major airports in Bulgaria include Varna Airport, Burgas Airport and Plovdiv Airport.

Bulgaria is accessible with good domestic and international railway network with scheduled trains to Kiev, Istanbul and Vienna.

The capital city, Sofia has an upgraded metro train system and other travel options in the Bulgarian cities include bus, taxi and rental cars.


Culture, food and shopping in Bulgaria:

The culture of Bulgaria is inherited from the different communities such as Slavic, Bulgar, Thracian, Roman, Ottoman and Persian. Bulgarian folk music is very famous all around Europe.

The famous Bulgarian dishes include banitsa, shopska salad, kozunak, yogurt, lukanka and lyutenitsa. Most of the major Bulgarian shops accept Euro and cards other than Lev. The prominent international standard shopping malls and restaurants are placed in Sofia.


Tourist Attractions in Bulgaria:

Sunny Beach Resort:

Sunny Beach Resort is one of the major tourist attractions of Bulgaria placed on the coast of the Black Sea, around 35 km away from the centre of the Burgas city. There are many live music bars, discos, pubs and nightclubs at Sunny Beach.


Seven Rila Lakes:

Seven Rila Lakes are the top tourist destinations in the country of Bulgaria, located towards the northwestern Rila Mountains. The names of the lakes are Salzata, Okoto, Trilistnika, Ribnoto Ezero, Dolnoto Ezero, Babreka and Bliznaka.


Rila Monastery:

Being a largest Eastern Orthodox monastery as well as the identity of Bulgaria, Rila Monastery is placed in the southwestern Rila Mountains, around 115 km away from Sofia. It was constructed in the 10th century and was named in the honor of the founder of the monastery, the hermit Ivan of Rila.


List of other places of interest in Bulgaria include:

  • Borovets
  • Bulgarian National Bank
  • Krushuna Falls
  • Pamporovo
  • Rose Valley
  • Kaliakra
  • Perperikon
  • Dospat Reservoir
  • Bachkovo Monastery
  • Musala
  • Buzludzha
  • Sofia Zoo
  • Belogradchik Rocks
  • Etar Architectural-Ethnographic Complex
  • Aladzha Monastery
  • Saint Sofia Church


Ideal time to visit Bulgaria:

Throughout the year is best, especially, as far as the weather is taken into consideration, the months of July and August are ideal to visit Bulgaria.


Accommodation options in Bulgaria:

Bulgaria is home to around 100 renowned tourist sites as well as 1000+ reputed accommodation centres. Sunny Beach and Sofia share higher majority of Bulgarian hotels. Hostels and guest houses are cheaper options. Listed below are the best hotels in Bulgaria (Sofia):



  • Art Hostel
  • Canape Connection Hostel
  • Levitt Hostel
  • Hostel Lavele
  • Sofia Guesthouse
  • Nightingale Hostel
  • Orient Express Hostel


Mid range:

  • Park Inn by Radisson Sofia Hotel
  • Holiday Village Diplomat
  • Holiday Inn Sofia
  • Red House B&B
  • Maria Luisa Hotel
  • Metropolitan Hotel Sofia


Top end:

  • Crystal Palace Boutique Hotel Sofia
  • Sheraton Sofia Hotel Balkan
  • Arena di Serdica Residence Hotel Sofia

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