Best Tourist Places to Visit in Vitosha, Bulgarian, Europe

Best Tourist Places to Visit in Vitosha, Bulgarian, Europe

Vitosha is a mountain massif located on the outskirts of Sofia in Bulgaria between 42°34′ N latitude and 23°17′E longitude at an elevation of 2292 meters. It is one of the top tourist destinations in Bulgaria and is ideal for hiking, skiing and alpinism.

Useful bus lines and rope ways are made it easy to access. There is a nature park in territory of the mountain that is the oldest nature park in the Balkans and also there is a meteorological station at the top of Vitosha that was constructed in 1935.

Together with the nature park, Vitosha receives thousands of tourists (especially adventure sport lovers) annually from different countries of the world. Vitosha is situated about 30 km away from the downtown Sofia.


How to reach Vitosha?  

Vitosha is catered by Sofia Airport located about 35 km away from Vitosha and there are many tourist vehicles regularly providing trips between the airport and Vitosha. Also tourists can take taxi or pre booked vehicles from the airport to Vitosha.

There are no major railway station and bus stations in Vitosha, so it is advised for tourists (bus or train travelers) to reach Sofia city first and then can take mini bus or tourist vehicles from the Sofia city.


Food and Shopping in Vitosha:

Most of the hotels placed around Vitosha mountain have inbuilt gift centers, bar and restaurants. Also tourists can reach Sofia city for better shopping experience and tasty and healthy dishes. There are minibuses and tourist vehicles to reach Sofia near Vitosha.


Things to do in Vitosha:

  • Hiking
  • Skiing
  • Walking


What to see in Vitosha?

Vitosha Nature Park:

Vitosha Nature Park is rich in flora and fauna home to around 1,500 species of higher plants that encompasses typical Bulgarian and exotic plant species.


Bistrishko Branishte:

Bistrishko Branishte is a nature reserve on the Vitosha Mountain featuring many natural attractions and measures a surface area of 1061.6 hectares. In 1934, together with Vitosha Nature Park, Bistrishko Branishte was established.


Cherni Vrah:

Cherni Vrah is a crest of Vitosha Mountain and with an altitude of 2290 meters it is the 4th maximum peak summit in Bulgaria behind Musala, Vihren and Botev Vrah. There is a weather station on Cherni Vrah.


List of other places of interest near Vitosha includes:

  • The National Art Gallery
  • The Alexander Nevsky Cathedral
  • Ivan Vazov National Theatre
  • National Palace of Culture
  • Cyril and Methodius National Library
  • National Museum of Military History
  • National Assembly of Bulgaria
  • Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
  • Earth and Man National Museum
  • Alexander Nevsky Cathedral
  • National Museum of History
  • Banya Bashi Mosque
  • National Museum of Natural History
  • National Gallery for Foreign Art
  • Hagia Sophia Church
  • Nicholas Orthodox Church


When to visit Vitosha?

The months between May and October will be ideal to trip Vitosha in Sofia.


Where to stay in Vitosha?

There around 10 well facilitated accommodation centers located around the mountain categorized as hotels, holiday rentals and guest houses. Most of them arrange vehicles for their guest to reach Sofia city and airport and also serve guest with mouthwatering traditional and international dishes other than facilities and services. The famous hotels near Vitosha are listed here below:

  • Berlin Park Vitosha
  • Park Hotel Vitosha
  • Hotel Vitosha
  • Vitosha Apartments
  • Hotel Vitosha Tulip
  • Vitosha Downtown Apartments
  • Suite Hotel Sofia
  • Nightingale Guesthouse
  • BEST WESTERN Premier Thracia Hotel
  • Holiday Inn Sofia
  • Metropolitan Hotel
  • Les Fleurs Boutique Hotel
  • Hotel Maria Luisa
  • Crystal Palace Boutique Hotel

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