Beautiful Tourist Places to Visit in Velingrad, Bulgarian, Europe

Beautiful Tourist Places to Visit in Velingrad, Bulgarian, Europe

Velingrad is a town belonging to the Pazardzhik Province in Bulgaria located 777 meters above the sea level. It is a one of the very famous balneological resorts in Bulgaria as well as the seat of the Velingrad Municipality.


Geography of Velingrad:

Velingrad lies towards the extreme west of Chepino Valley in the southern part of the country, around 45 km southwest of the provincial capital, Pazardzhik and 135 km southeast of the national capital, Sofia. Velingrad covers a total area of 124.955 sq. km.


History of Velingrad:

It is believed that, Slavs were the first settlers of Velingrad, followed by Dragovichi tribe and Thracians. Velingrad is named in the honor of Vela Peeva who was a Bulgarian pacifist.


Connectivity to Velingrad:

Velingrad is served by Plovdiv Airport which is the 2nd largest airport of Bulgaria catered by Air Contractors, Aviatrans Kiev, Ryanair, S7 Airlines, and Aeroflot with seasonal flights to Rostov, Dublin, Kiev, Belfast, Moscow and Hahn and year round flights to London.

Plovdiv Airport is located about 95 km away from Velingrad and there are taxis and buses available at the airport to Velingrad.

Other than regular buses, there are many tourist vehicles departing towards Sofia and Plovdiv to Velingrad during high season. Visitors can use taxi or bus or car for local travel in Velingrad.


Culture, Food and Shopping in Velingrad:

Velingrad is home to around 8 schools, 3 libraries and many entertainment centers.

Due to the regular visit of tourists, there are numerous branded products showrooms established in recent years in Velingrad and the town also houses many traditional handicraft shops.

The major food corners in and around Velingrad include:

  • Tom & Nezi
  • Cinarite
  • Restaurant Konaka


Things to do in Velingrad:

  • Visit mineral water springs
  • Hiking
  • Shopping
  • Visiting Libraries


Places to see in Velingrad:


Mineral water springs in Velingrad:

Velingrad houses around 90 mineral water springs with useful medicinal properties that draw a large number of tourists as well as patients from the different regions of the world.



Kleptuza is the largest Karst spring in the country of Bulgaria which releases an average of 1200 liters of ice-cold water/second. This is a must see natural phenomenon.


Equestrian Center Sivek:

Equestrian Center Sivek is an upgraded horse riding complex giving an unforgettable horse riding experience. Tourists can visit with prior permission.


List of other places of interest in and around Velingrad includes:

  • Bessa Valley Winery
  • Monastery of St. Nicholas
  • Lepenitsa Cave
  • Plovdiv Roman Theatre
  • Plovdiv Old Town
  • Djumaya Mosque
  • Ethnographic Museum
  • Assenova krepost
  • Bachkovo Monastery
  • Cultural Center-Museum TrakArt
  • Chiesa SS. Constantin e Elena
  • Archeological Museum in Plovdiv
  • Plovdiv Regional Historical Museum
  • Dzhia Beach Swimming Pool
  • Alyosha Soviet Army Memorial
  • Sourp Kevork Armenian Apostolic Church


Ideal time to visit Velingrad:

The months between May and October will be ideal time to visit Velingrad.


Where to stay in Velingrad?

There are around 100 reputed accommodation centers in Velingrad categorized as hotels, motels, guest houses, BB and inns and holiday rentals with tourist favor facilities and services. Grand Hotel Velingrad is one of the five star hotels in Velingrad. The prominent hotels in Velingrad are listed here below:

  • Balneo Complex & Spa Aquatonik
  • Bor Spa-Club
  • Maxi Park Hotel & Spa
  • Spa Hotel Dvoretsa
  • Balneo Complex Saint Spas
  • Hotel Velina
  • Grand Hotel Velingrad
  • Elbrus Spa Hotel
  • Park Hotel Olymp
  • Spa Hotel Unikat
  • Hotel Astra
  • Spa Hotel Light
  • Spa Hotel Rich
  • Hotel Kamena
  • Hotel Vitosha
  • Spa Complex Rim

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