Places to Visit in Sinemorets, Bulgarian, Europe

Places to Visit in Sinemorets, Bulgarian, Europe

Sinemorets is a village and seaside resort belonging to the Tsarevo municipality in Burgas Province in Bulgaria, situated around 20 km from Tsarevo, 80 km from Burgas and 465 km from Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria. The sea resort of Sinemorets was recognized officially in 1989 and presently it is the backbone of Sinemorets’ economy.


Geography of Sinemorets:

Sinemorets is located on the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast towards the extreme southeast of Bulgaria, near the border of Turkey between latitude 42°4′ in the north and longitude 27°59′ in the east.


History of Sinemorets:

Sinemorets is also called as Sinemorec and Sinemoretz and the literal meaning of Sinemorets is ‘the place on the blue sea’. Sinemorets was earlier known as Kalanca in Turkish language or Galadzaki in Greek language.


Connectivity to Sinemorets:

Burgas Airport is the closest airport to Sinemorets, located around 90 km from the centre of Sinemorets. This airport operates seasonal flights to Dublin, St. Petersburg, Luxembourg, Copenhagen, Bratislava, Brno, Prague, Yekaterinburg and scheduled flights to Sofia, Varna, Moscow and London.

Varna Airport is situated around 215 km and Sofia Airport is about 465 km away from Sinemorets.

Sinemorets also has good connectivity with the Bulgarian cities and bordering Turkish cities through roadway by both luxury and general bus services.


Food and Shopping in Sinemorets:

Sinemorets is a village housing fewer reputed food corners and shopping centers. So, it is advised for tourists to reach Tsarevo (20 km) and famous Burgas (80 km) for more facilitated restaurants and shops. There are buses generally available to reach Tsarevo and Burgas in Sinemorets.


Things to do in Sinemorets:

  • Visit the Beach
  • Riverside entertainment
  • Church Prayers
  • Hiking


Places to see in Sinemorets:

Sinemorets Beach:

Placed on the coast of Bulgarian Black Sea, Sinemorets Beach is one of the best beaches in Bulgaria attracting tourists for its different water sport activities and sea side restaurant’s mouthwatering sea food.

Orthodox Church:

Sinemorets is home to an Orthodox church that is small in size but known for religious importance and solid construction. The church has a nice surrounding environment.



The Veleka is a 147 km long river with a basin area of 995 km². 123 km of the river flows in Bulgaria and the remaining 25 km in Turkey. The river is home to 30 species of freshwater fishes, 5 species of endangered animals and also home to typical plants. Sinemorets is the ideal place to reach the river bank.


List of other places of interest in and around Sinemorets includes:

  • The historical museum of Burgas
  • Burgas Lake
  • Nature and Science Museum in Burgas
  • Opera House in Burgas
  • Holy Theotokos Orthodox Church
  • The Poros Fortness
  • The Erkesiya-Border wall
  • Saints Cyril and Methodius Orthodox Cathedral
  • Ethnographic Museum
  • The city Gallery of Fine Arts
  • The beaches in Burgas
  • Archaeological Museum
  • Atanasovsko Lake
  • Roman City of Develtum
  • The Rusokastro Fortess

Ideal time to visit Sinemorets:

The summer months between June and September are ideal to explore the beach of Sinemorets.


Where to stay in Sinemorets?

Due to the presence of one of the top beaches in Bulgaria, Sinemorets draws a large number of tourists from the different regions of the world during the summer months. Due to this, there are dozens of top end hotels established in Sinemorets with superior tourist facilities and services. List of the major hotels in and around Sinemorets include:

  • Quiet Sea-front Villa
  • Hotel Burgas
  • Hotel Luxor
  • Plaza Hotel Burgas
  • Primoretz Grand Hotel & Spa
  • Hotel Chiplakoff
  • Family Hotel Saint Iliya
  • Hotel Modeva
  • Hotel Gran Via
  • R&G Hotel
  • Hotel Avenue
  • Jasmine Residence
  • Hotel Bulgaria
  • Green House
  • Hotel Prestige

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