Places to Visit in Engelberg, Switzerland, Europe

Places to Visit in Engelberg, Switzerland, Europe

Engelberg is a town in Obwalden canton in Switzerland situated in the middle of the country at an elevation of 1,000 meters (3,281 feet) above the sea level and covers an area of 74.85 square kilometers (28.90 square miles). Engelberg is home to the highest mountains in central Switzerland and the town is visited for skiing, clean air and pleasant environment. The economy of Engelberg is based on services, trade, industries, agriculture and tourism and home to some of the renowned educational institutions.

Engelberg is situated at the distance of 150 kilometers from Bern, capital of Switzerland and coordinates are 46.8167° N, 8.4000° E.


History of Engelberg:

Engelberg became popular town after the establishment of abbey in 1122 but the mountains were explored long back. Engelberg developed into an international mountain resort since 1850 and visited by number of tourists and numerous hotels were constructed and roads were expanded. In late 19th century hiking and mountain sports were popular among the tourists and tourists visit during summer seasons as well.


Engelberg Tourism:

Engelberg Abbey:

Engelberg Abbey is one of the oldest abbeys in Switzerland and was established in the year 1120 by Blessed Conrad and became one of the popular abbeys in the country and it is devoted to Our Lady of the Angels.



Gross-Titlis-Schanze is situated at the distance of one kilometer from center of the town is one of the popular spot for ski jumping and named after the Titlis Mountain and visited by numerous travelers during the winter season.


Mount Titlis:

Mount Titlis is one of the prominent mountains in Swiss and it is situated at an elevation of 3,238 meters above the sea level in Urner Apls and renowned for world’s first revolving cable car and provides stunning views of the snow covered mountains.


Interesting things to do in Engelberg:

  • Skiing
  • Hiking
  • Cable car
  • Festivals
  • Engelberg Ski Championship


Best time to visit Engelberg:

Engelberg is situated in central part of Switzerland with polar tundra climate and average temperature ranges from -4° Celsius to 23° Celsius throughout the year and best time to visit Engelberg is from May to September and some of the tourists visit during the winter seasons as well.


How to reach Engelberg?

Engelberg can be reach through train or bus services and train will function from cities like Bern, Zurich, Stans, Lucerne, Arth, Schwyz, Interlaken, Wohlen and few other parts of the country. Buses function during summer seasons frequently to Engelberg town from neighboring towns and cities and during winter seasons only limited number of buses will function to the town. Nearest airport to Engelberg is Zurich Airport located at the distance of 100 kilometers from middle of the city is the largest and busiest airport in the country and the airports receive the flights from all the main cities in the world.


Hotels in Engelberg:

Engelberg is one of the popular ski resort and pleasant towns in the country visited by thousands of tourists around the world and popular for highest mountains in the central Switzerland and there are lots of hotels in and around the town and hotels are located in the breathtaking location that will be last long in the memory of the travelers and each hotels are elegantly furnished and boats all the up to date facilities and cost from $ 40 to $ 500 and above per day. List of hotels in Engelberg are as follows:

  • Ramada Hotel Regina Titlis
  • Hotel Belmont
  • Hotel Hoheneck
  • Ski Lodge Engelberg
  • Hotel Garni Hostatt
  • Tupemat GmbH Hotel Central
  • Spannort Hotel & Restaurant
  • Treff Hotel Sonnwendhof
  • Hotel Bellevue Terminus
  • Hotel Edelweiss
  • Kreuz Sachseln
  • Post Hotel Weggis
  • Wellness Hotel Rössli

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