Leukerbad Tourist Places to Visit in Leukerbad, Switzerland, Europe

Leukerbad Tourist Places to Visit in Leukerbad, Switzerland, Europe

Leukerbad is situated in the southern part of Switzerland in Leuk district in Valais canton. Leukerbad is surrounded by mountains and lush greenery and spans an area of 67.2 square kilometers (25.9 square miles) and lies at an elevation of 1,402 meters (4,600 feet) above the sea level. Majority of the land in the region is used for agriculture purpose and rest of the land is covered by woods and buildings and business and tourism plays vital role in the economy of the municipality.

Leukerbad is surrounded by Adelboden, Albinen, Ferden, Guttet-Feschel, Inden, Kandersteg, Lenk im Simmental and Mollens and situated at the distance of 190 kilometers from Bern, capital of Switzerland. Coordinates of Leukerbad is 46.3833° N, 7.6333° E.


History of Leukerbad:

Leukerbad was inhabited by Graves and Cermaics during 4th century and later in 5th century the region was settled by Gemmi tribes. Leukerbad was settled by French speaking populaces in 1229 and the region was named as Boez. Leukerbad became popular destination during 1501 and was visited by Bishop and Cardinal Mattaus Schiner and developed into thermal tourism. The town was attacked and destroyed numerous times between 16th and 18th centuries and later was rebuilt and visited by renowned personalities of that time.


Leukerbad Tourism:

Thermal Baths:

Leukerbad is surrounded by mountains and forests and popular among the tourists for thermal baths and one can find number of baths in the municipality and the thermal water in the region is renowned for its therapeutic effect and one can find public and private thermal baths in the region and mountains in the region offers stunning views of the surrounding valleys and landscapes.


Gemmi Pass:

Gemmi Pass is one of the renowned mountains in the Leukerbad and it is situated at an elevation of 2,270 meters (7,448 feet) above the sea level and covered by snows and popular for hiking and accessible through cable car.


Interesting things to do in Leukerbad:

  • Hiking
  • Take a trip in Cable Cars


Best time to visit Leukerbad:

Best time to visit Leukerbad is from June to September, since during these months climate will be pleasant and during winter season temperature will drop below minus degrees Celsius.


How to reach Leukerbad?

Leukerbad is surrounded by mountain regions and the nearest railway station is Leuk Railway Station situated at the distance of 14 kilometers from Leukerbad municipality and from railway station buses are available to Leukerbad. Tourists can rent a car in Leuk city and drive to Leukerbad municipality and it is fun to drive between the valley and windy roads. Geneva Airport is the nearest airport to Leukerbad situated at the distance of 195 kilometers and it is one of the main international airport in Switzerland caters with domestic and international flights.


Hotels in Leukerbad:

Leukerbad is one of the charming towns in Switzerland surrounded by mountains and lush greenery and hotels are situated in and around the town and some of the main hotels in the town provides breathtaking views and located in pleasant environment and tourists will be glad to take accommodation in such kind hotels and hotels in Leukerbad are equipped with all the modern amenities and boats world class hospitality and rooms will range from $ 35 to $ 700 and above per day. Some of the hotels in and around Leukerbad are as follows:

  • Lindner Hotels & Alpentherme Leukerbad
  • Les Sources Des Alpes
  • Kur & Ferienhaus Volksheilbad
  • Grichting Badnerhof Swiss Q Hotel
  • Parkhotel Quellenhof
  • Hotel Heilquelle
  • Hotel Guarda Golf
  • Boutique Hotel Beau-Site Fitness & Spa
  • Parkhotel Bellevue & Spa
  • Aparthotel Helvetia Intergolf
  • Hotel Helvetia Intergolf
  • Chalet du Chef Ski et Golf

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