Tourist Places to Visit in Montenegro, Europe

Tourist Places to Visit in Montenegro, Europe

Montenegro country is placed towards the southeastern part of Europe and has total surface area of 13,812 square kilometers (5,019 square miles) with chain of mountains, rivers, lakes and beaches and highest peak is Zla Kolata, Prokletije at 2,534 meters above the sea level.

Montenegro is surrounded by Adriatic Sea, Albania, Kosovo, Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina and grouped into five regions Bay of Kotor, Budva Rivera, Central Montenegro, Montenegrin South Coast and North Montenegrin Mountains and Podgorica is the capital of Montenegro country.

The economy of the country depends on agriculture production, trade, manufacturing industries and tourism. Coordinates of Montenegro are 42.7667° N, 19.2167° E.


History of Montenegro:

Montenegro was established during prehistoric times and Romans captured the region in 9 AD and after the fall of Romans the town was ruled by Byzantine Empire and they ruled the region until the year 1042 and Duklja captured the country. Later during the middle ages, the country was ruled by Serbian Empire and after the fall of Serbian empire in 14th century Zetan family ruled the country. Ottoman rule was established in the country and during the rule various developments occurred in the town and it became a kingdom in 1910 and few year later Balkan wars fought to capture the region and later captured by many rulers.


What to See in Montenegro?

Kotor Cathedral:

Kotor Cathedral is located in the Kotor town is one of the landmarks of the country and it is one of the Roman Catholic Cathedrals and the largest building in the town, constructed in 1166 but was damaged due to the earthquake in the year 1667 and the church is constructed in Romanesque style.


Sveti Nikola Island:

Sveti Nikola Island is placed in Budva town in the Adriatic Sea and the island is 2 kilometers long and covers an area of 36 hectares (89 acres) is one of the must visit locations in the country.


Cetinje Monastery:

Cetinje Monastery is positioned in Cetinje town in Montenegro country and the monastery was constructed in 1701 to 1704 is one of the oldest monastery in the town. Cetinje Monastery is a major historical and cultural building in the town.


Black Lake:

Black Lake can be found in Zabljak at the distance of 120 kilometers from Podgorica city is a glacial lake and has surface area of 1,416 meters and lies at the foot of Medep Peak is one of the must visit lake in the country.


Interesting places to visit in Montenegro:

  • Tryphon Cathedral
  • Church of St. Luke
  • St Nicholas Church
  • John’s Church
  • Santa Marija of Punta
  • Church of St. Sava
  • Lake Skadar
  • Tara River Canyon
  • Smekja Palaces


Best time to visit Montenegro:

Montenegro faces Mediterranean climate with dry summers and mild and rainy winters and best time to visit Montenegro is from June to September.


How to reach Montenegro?

Montenegro is well connected through seaways, airways, roadways and railways and there are two main airports in the country by name Podgorica and Tivat Airports and these airports handles international flights to numerous destinations in Europe.

Montenegro is a mountainous region and rail connectivity is limited to few parts of the cities like Bijelo Polje, Kolašin, Bar and Podgorica but the railway connectivity is slow in the country.

Buses form the main mode of transportation in the country and well connected to the neighboring counties as well. Ferries are available bar city to Bari and Acona cities in Italy.


Hotels in Montenegro:

Montenegro provides travelers an cherished and comfy accommodations and rooms at the each and every hotel are completely decked and furnished with a assortment of considerate and modern amenities and provides the facilities like  high-speed Internet, room service, mini bar, refrigerator, cable TV, dry cleaning, air conditioned, gym, swimming pool and other facilities. Some of the hotels in Montenegro are listed below:

  • Danica Hotel
  • Hotel Princess
  • Hotel WGrand
  • Hotel Crna Gora
  • Hotel Kosta’s
  • Hotel Keto
  • Hotel Evropa
  • Hunguest Hotel Sun Resort
  • Hotel Forza Mare
  • Hotel Hippocampus
  • Garni Hotel Bokeska Noc
  • Hotel Grand

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