Tourist Places to Visit in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Europe

Tourist Places to Visit in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Europe

Bosnia and Herzegovina is a country in Southeast Europe situated on the Balkan Peninsula. Bosnia and Herzegovina covers a total area of 51,197 square kilometers (19,741 square miles) and bounded by Serbia, Montenegro and Croatia.

Bosnia and Herzegovina is politically divided into two main regions the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and subdivided into Western Srpska, Eastern Srpska, Western Bosnia, Northern Bosnia, Central Bosnia and Western Herzegovina. Sarajevo is the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina and it is one of the low income equality rankings in the world and farming is the main form of living with small business and tourism is developing gradually.

Coordinates of Bosnia and Herzegovina are 44.0000° N, 18.0000° E.


History of Bosnia and Herzegovina:

Bosnia and Herzegovina is one of the oldest inhabited regions in the world, settled since Neolithic age and Romans tried to capture the region but were unsuccessful until the 9 AD. Bosnia was settled by people speaking different languages and during 8th and 9th century, principalities of Serbia and Croatia spilt control of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Ottoman rule in the country marked the new beginning in the country’s history and during the rule it developed into the political and cultural landscape and they constructed the monuments, mosques, houses, shops, schools and hospitals and ruled for several years. From 1878 and 1918, the country was under Austro- Hungarian rule and many wars were fought in the country and Kingdom of Yugoslavia ruled the region from 1918 to 1941. During the World War II, the region was captured by Nazi armies and gained independence in the 1946 but later many wars were fought in the country which destroyed many monuments from then it is recovering gradually.


What to See in Bosnia and Herzegovina?

  • Mehmed Paša Sokolović Bridge in Višegrad
  • Osmanagic Pyramid Hypothesis
  • Stari Most
  • Jahornia
  • Kravice
  • Sebilj
  • Sutjeska National Park
  • Sarajevo Tunnel
  • Vrelo Bosne
  • Gazi Husrev-beg Mosque
  • National Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Ferhat Pasha Mosque Lodi Cathedral
  • Sarajevo Synagogue
  • The natural monument Vjetrenica cave
  • The natural and architectural ensemble of Jajce
  • The historic urban site of Počitelj


Language and food in Bosnia and Herzegovina:

Bosnia and Herzegovina follows three official languages namely Bosnia, Croatian and Serbian. Cuisines of Bosnia and Herzegovina balance between Western and Eastern cultures and one can find cuisines related to Turkish, Middle East and Mediterranean and some of the popular cuisines dishes are Ćevapi, Pljeskavica, Sogan-dolma, Burek, Grah, Đuveč, Kačamak, Sataraš, Livno cheese, Baklava and many others.


Best time to visit Bosnia and Herzegovina:

Bosnia and Herzegovina is served by hot summers and cold winters with humid continental climate and best time to visit Bosnia and Herzegovina is from June to September.


How to reach Bosnia and Herzegovina?

By Air:

Bosnia and Herzegovina is served by four passenger airports namely Sarajevo Airport, Mostar Airport, Tuzla Airport and Banja Luka Airport all these airports caters with international flights to cities in Europe and Sarajevo Airport is the largest and busiest airport in the country.


By Train:

Trains are the best mode of transportation to reach Bosnia and Herzegovina from neighboring countries like Croatia, Hungary and Serbia and well connected through rail network within the country, one can board the train from Sarajevo to other parts of the country.


By Road:

Buses are the main form of transport within Bosnia and Herzegovina and one can get the buses to any parts of the country and international buses are available from Sarajevo to neighboring countries and roads are well developed in the country.


Hotels in Bosnia and Herzegovina:

Bosnia and Herzegovina is one of the upcoming countries in tourism but there are numerous hotels in the country ranging from budget to luxurious and cost from $ 15 to $ 350 and above per day, all these hotels offers all the basic conveniences to the tourists visiting throughout the year and rooms are well furnished for the comfort of the travelers. List of some hotels in Bosnia and Herzegovina are as follows:

  • Radon Plaza Hotel Sarajevo
  • Europa Hotel Sarajevo
  • Hotel Hecco Deluxe
  • Hotel Bevanda Mostar
  • Old Town Hotel Mostar
  • Motel Kriva Cuprija
  • Deny Motel Mostar
  • Hotel Brotnjo Medjugorje
  • Herceg Etno selo Medjugorje Hotel
  • Hotel Grande Casa Medjugorje
  • Kaldera Boutique Hotel
  • Nana Hotel Banja Luka
  • Hotel Palace

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