Tuzla Tourist Places to Visit in Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Europe

Tuzla Tourist Places to Visit in Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Europe

Tuzla is a city in Tuzla Canton and situated in the north east part of Bosnia and Herzegovina country. Tuzla spreads around 302 square kilometers (117 square miles) and situated at an elevation of 245 meters (804 feet) above the sea level. Tuzla is hub of science, culture, education, health and tourism industry in the north east of Bosnia and home to two renowned universities and industries.

Tuzla is surrounded by Gornja Tuzla, Caklovici Gornji, Pasci Donji, Lukavac, Lipnica Gornja, Zivinice, Vukovije Donje and Suha and situated at the distance of 76 miles from Sarajevo, capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina and coordinates are 44.5381° N, 18.6761° E.


History of Tuzla:

According to the historians, it is believed that the city was inhabited since Neolithic period is one of the oldest settlements in Europe. Tuzla came into the hands of Ottoman Empire in 1463 and remained under the Ottoman rule for nearly 400 years and during the rule they constructed various monuments, colonies, markets and other facilities for the daily needs. Tuzla was attacked by Austria-Hungary in the 1878 and later became the part of Kingdom of Yugoslavia.


What to See in Tuzla?

Panonsko Jezero:

Panonsko Jezero is situated at the distance of 1.5 kilometers from heart of the city is a renowned and most visited salt lake and tourists visit the lake to swim and relax and it is surrounded by resorts, bars and cafes where one can take rest and enjoy the food and spend some good time.


Srebrenik Fortress:

Srebrenik Fortress is one of the oldest fortresses in the city situated on the top of mountain and the fort is one of the best examples of Medieval Castle and from top of the mount one can view the breathtaking views of surrounding valleys and landscapes.


Interesting thing to see in Tuzla:

  • Tuzla Art Gallery
  • Turalibeg’s Mosque


Best time to visit Tuzla:

Tuzla is served by humid continental climate with warm summers and unkind winters and average temperature varies from -5° Celsius to 30° Celsius throughout the year and best time to visit Tuzla is from June to September.


How to reach Tuzla?

By Air:

Tuzla is served by Tuzla Airport situated at the distance of 10 miles from heart of the city is one of the domestic airport in the country and has regular flights to Basel, Gotheburg and Malmo cities and service is provided by Wizz Air.


By Train:

Tuzla railway station is one of the main stations in the country and has regular trains to Doboj, Brcko, Vinkovci and other cities in the country.


By Road:

Tuzla is extensively connected through highways from other parts of the country and buses are main mode of transportation in and around the city and one come across lots of buses plying to distinct parts of the country.


Hotels in Tuzla:

Tuzla is one of the popular cities in the county known for its few historical sites and there are few hotels in the city that offers some decent accommodation to the travelers visiting the city all through the year and tourists are advised to book the hotel rooms before visit the city though online bookings to avoid last minute rush and these hotels range from $ 20 to $ 350 per day. List of hotels in Tuzla are as follows:

  • Guest House Konak
  • Rooms Panorama
  • Rooms Centre
  • Motel Vila Cicibela
  • Tuzla Hotel
  • Senad od Bosne Hotel
  • Jelena Hotel
  • Grand Hotel Posavina
  • Nea Garni Hotel

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