Places to Visit in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Europe

Places to Visit in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Europe

Mostar is situated in the south part of Bosnia and Herzegovina country is a city in Herzegovina-Neretva canton. Mostar is one of the renowned municipality consists of 56 villages and suburbs and lies at elevation of 60 meters (200 feet) above the sea level and Mala Neretva River flows through the city. The economy of the city depends on industries like aluminum and metal, banks, telecommunication and tourism and enclosed by mountains, rivers and lush greenery.

Mostar is surrounded by Polog, Gornje Gnojnice, Gnojnice, Potoci, Ljuti Dolac, Cerin, Medjugorje and Hodbina and Sarajevo, capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina is situated at the distance of 78 miles from Mostar. Coordinates of Mostar are 43.3333° N, 17.8000° E.


What to See in Mostar?

Old Bridge Museum:

Old Bridge Museum is situated close to the bridge and the museum showcases the history of the bridge and the bridge is one of the main landmarks of the city and from top one can see stunning views of the bridge visited by tourists and locals alike.


Stari Most:

Stari Most means old bridge in English is the UNESCO World Heritage Site and the bridge was renovated in the 16th century during the Ottoman rule in the city and one of the main landmarks of the country.

Vrelo Bune:

Vrelo Bune is placed at the distance of 7 miles from heart of the city is known for the natural and architectural collection on the Buna River in Blagai city is one the most visited location in the city due to its manmade combination of the physical structure into the landscape.



Buna is situated at the distance of 7.5 miles from heart of the city is one of the renowned and strongest spring in the Europe and tremendously cold water flows west for nearly 10 kilometers is most visited location in Mostar.


Interesting thing to see in Mostar:

  • Muslibegovica House
  • History Museum of Herzegovina
  • Koski Mehmed Pasina Dzamija
  • Karadozbegova Dzamija
  • Biscevica House


Best time to visit Mostar:

Mostar faces oceanic climate with warm summers from June to September and cold winters from November to March and average temperature varies from 1° Celsius to 34° Celsius throughout the year and best time to visit Mostar is from June to September.


How to reach Mostar?

Mostar is well linked through roadways, railways and airways from different parts of the country. Mostar International Airport is one of the main international airport in the country caters with flights to various cities in Europe and the airport is situated at the distance of 4.5 miles from middle of Mostar in Ortijes village.

Mostar city is well connected through rail transportation to other parts of the country like Sarajevo, Zagreb, Ploce and other cities and train ride will offers some of the stunning views of the valleys and landscapes.

Mostar is connected through motorways like M17, M6-1, and E73 from distinct parts of the country and there are two main bus stations in the city and buses are the best and convenient way to reach any part of the country.


Hotels in Mostar:

Mostar offers travelers a appreciated and relaxed retreat from the busy life of the city and rooms at every hotel are totally decked and furnished with a collection of considerate and up to date conveniences and amenities offered in the hotels are high-speed internet, room service, mini bar, refrigerator, cable TV, dry cleaning, air conditioned, gym, swimming pool and other facilities. Some of the major hotels in Mostar are:

  • Hotel Bevanda
  • Hotel Pellegrino
  • Hotel Kriva Cuprija
  • Motel Deny
  • Villa Hum
  • Shangri La Pension
  • Pansion Cardak
  • Bristol Hotel Mostar
  • Apartments Konak
  • Pansion Palace
  • Pansion Sefića-Avlija
  • Motel Villa Luxe
  • Hotel Ada Blagaj

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