Tourist Places to Visit in Kuldiga, Latvia, Europe

Tourist Places to Visit in Kuldiga, Latvia, Europe

Kuldiga is a tourist favor town with numerous renowned historical sites, museums, waterfalls and cathedrals. It comes under the Kuldiga municipality in Latvia, is situated about 160 km west of the national capital, Riga.


Geography of Kuldiga:

Lying between 56°58′ N latitude and 21°58′ E longitude, Kuldiga is spread over an area of 13.2 sq. km.


History of Kuldiga:

The old town of Kuldiga originated on the banks of the River Venta with the foundation of a fortified castle during the middle of the 13th century and also believed that, Couronians were the original settlers of Kuldiga. Kuldiga became the part of the Hanseatic League in the year 1368 and it served as the capital of the Duchy of Courland in the 17th century along with Jelgava town.


Connectivity to Kuldiga:

The Riga International Airport is the nearest major airport to Kuldiga, situated about 155 km away. This is the most important airport of Latvia with connections to many major European destinations such as Frankfurt, Helsinki, Paris, London, Rome, Moscow, Minsk, Istanbul and Madrid.

From airport, tourists can take taxi or bus for comfortable airport travel and also during peak season, there are many reputed travel companies offering economical bus services to Kuldiga from Riga.

For local travel, tourists can use public transportation or rental vehicles such as cars and bikes.


Culture, Food and Shopping in Kuldiga:

Kuldiga is rich in culture with many nationally renowned festivals, competitions and museums with typical historical objects and artifacts.

Kuldiga also houses both traditional and upgraded shops in the town centre. The major restaurants in Kuldiga are as follows:

  • Stenders
  • Metropol
  • Pagrabins


Things to do in Kuldiga:

  • Visiting Historical sites and museums
  • Walking
  • Boating


Places to see in Kuldiga:

The Venta waterfall:

With a width of 240 meters, the Venta waterfall is Europe’s widest waterfall, provided by the Venta River. There is an event called, the Flying Fish Show held in the spring months which attract tourists from all around the country.


St Catherine’s Church:

Constructed in the year 1252, the St Catherine’s Church is dedicated to the patroness of the town, St Catherine and was renovated with the baroque style wood carvings. It has a special history as it witnessed the marriage of Duke Jacob with Princess Louisa Charlotte.


Jewish Synagogue:

Being one of the biggest structures in Kuldiga, the Jewish Synagogue was constructed in 1875 as of the documents in ancient Hebrew. The splendid interior is the highlight of the synagogue.


List of other places of interest in Kuldiga includes:

  • The Historical Centre of Kuldīga
  • The old brick bridge
  • Alekšupīte Waterfall
  • The Alekšupīte
  • Liepājas Street
  • The Riežupe Sand Caves
  • Sculptress Livija Rezevska’s sculpture museum
  • The Town Hall
  • Skede Dunes Memorial
  • Ventspils Beach
  • Open-Air Art Museum
  • Holy Trinity Cathedral
  • Ventspils Museum
  • Ventspils Children’s Town
  • Edole Castle
  • Irbene Radio Astronomy Center


Best time to visit Kuldiga:

The months of the summer season are ideal to visit Kuldiga to explore historical sites and waterfalls.


Accommodation options in Kuldiga:

Kuldiga houses around 10 well known accommodation centers categorized as hotels, hostel, vacation rentals, BB and inns with latest tourist favor facilities and services including AC and 24 hour room service. Tourists can also find hotels of neighboring towns. List of the major hotels in and around Kuldiga includes:

  • Kuldigas Metropole
  • Sunny Hill Bed & Breakfast
  • Hotel Aleksis
  • Mazsalijas
  • Virkas Muiza
  • Kolonna Hotel Kuldiga
  • Jana Nams
  • Kursa Hotel
  • Ventas Rumba
  • Liepaja Travellers Hostel
  • Europa City Amrita Hotel
  • Hotel Raibie Logi
  • Hotel Juras Brize
  • Motelis Veju Paradize
  • Rezidence Kurzeme
  • Hotel of the Olympic Centre Ventspils


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