Places to Visit in Magadan, Russia, Europe

Places to Visit in Magadan, Russia, Europe

Magadan is the gateway to Kolyma region and positioned on the Okhotsk Sea in the Taui Bay and it is the administrative hub of Magadan Oblast in Russia. Magadan is a segregated region and nearest city is Yakutsk placed at the distance of 1,990 kilometers and known for its wealthy gold mining and the main economy of the town is shipbuilding and fishing and surrounded by mountains and lush greenery. Magadan is home to some of the cultural institutions and situated at the distance of 10,210 kilometers from Moscow, capital of Russia and spans over an area of 295 square kilometers (114 square miles). Coordinates of Magadan are 59.5667° N, 150.8000° E.


History of Magadan:

Magadan was established in the year 1929 and was the main transport hub for prisoners during the Stalin era. Between the years 1932 and 1953, the region was administrative hub of the Dalstroy community and gold mining was carried in the region. Magadan is situated on the coast of Taui Bay and was the major exporter of gold and the population of the region grew rapidly during this era. In the year 1939, Magadan was granted as the status of Town.


Tourism in Magadan:

Mask of Sorrow:

Mask of Sorrow is situated at the distance of 7 kilometers from middle of the city on top of the mountains is a large concrete monument of the Gulags and it is renowned all over the Russia and it is worth visiting the location and from top of the mountain one can view the dazzling view of surrounding valleys and landscapes.


Regional Museum:

Regional Museum is placed around 3 kilometers from city center and it is the main museum in the city and the museum is devoted to the Kolyma Gulags and also display the artifacts related to Gulags and the museum also showcases the natural history of the region.


Lenin Statue:

Lenin Statue is positioned near the local headquarters of the FSB in Magana town and surrounded by park and Lenin statue is the pride of the town.


Interesting places to visit in Magadan:

  • Magadan Beach
  • Trinity Orthodox Church


Best time to visit Magadan:

Magadan experiences subarctic climate with warm summers from May to September and cold winters from November to March and best time to visit Magadan is from May to September and average temperature normally varies from -27° Celsius to 19° Celsius.


How to reach Magadan?

Magadan is connected through road, air and sea transportation. Magadan is surrounded by mountain regions and located in isolated region and road is one of the best modes of transportation to reach Magadan and buses operate from nearby major cities to Magadan during summer seasons and during winter only limited number of buses operate depending on the weather conditions. Nearest airport to Magadan is Sokol Airport situated at the distance of 54 kilometers from middle of the town is a domestic airport with regular flights during summers to and from Khabarovsk, Vladivostok, Irkutsk, Novosibirsk, Moscow, Anadyr, Evensk, Khabarovsk, Yakutsk and few other cities. Magadan has a port but this port operates limited ferry services to the neighboring cities and towns.


Hotels in Magadan:

Magadan is an isolated town situated in the tip of east of Russia and surrounded by mountains and greenery, due to its remote location only limited number of tourists visit the town during summer season and has hotels, cottages, guesthouses for the conveniences of the travelers and tourists are advised to book the hotel rooms through tour operators to avoid further inconvenience and these hotels are equipped with all the modern amenities. List of hotels in Magadan are as follows:

  • Hotel VM-Center
  • Hotel Magadan
  • Home Hotel
  • Best Eastern VM Central Hotel
  • Biznes-Tsentr Hotel
  • Kolyma-inform Hotel
  • S7 Airlines Hotel
  • Vm-tsentralnaya Gostinitsa Hotel

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