Best Tourist Places to Visit in Bryansk, Russia, Europe

Best Tourist Places to Visit in Bryansk, Russia, Europe

Bryansk in the west part of Russia and it is the capital of Bryansk Oblast federal subject. Bryansk is home to some of the major steel and machineries manufacturing industries and railway cars and locomotives are the main production in the city and have few universities, is one of the fast developing cities in Russia. Bryansk is surrounded by Zhiryatino, Seltso, Fokino, Sovetskiy Rayon, Belye Berega, Garachev, Navlya, Dyatkovo, and Pochep and Bryansk is situated at the distance of 500 kilometers from Moscow, capital of Russia. Coordinates of Bryansk are 53.2500° N, 34.3667° E.


History of Bryansk:

As per the records, it is believed that the territory was inhabited around 985 and it was identified for its dense forests. Bryansk region was captured by Algirdas of Lithuania in 1356 and later in the battle of Vedrosha in 1503 Grand Duchy of Moscow captured the region. Castle was constructed during the time of Troubles which played major role and the economy of the Bryansk boomed during 17th and 18th centuries in trading and regional market. During Second World War, Bryansk was captured by Germans and city was scratched during the war. After the libration from Germans the city became part of Bryansk Oblast.


Tourist Attractions in Bryansk:

Tkachev Brothers Museum:

Tkachev Brothers Museum is situated at the distance of 3 kilometers from middle of the city and the museum showcases the rural life, artifacts and history of the Bryansk and best way to spend time with your loved ones.


Tolstoy Park Museum:

Tolstoy Park Museum is positioned at the distance of 2 kilometers in Tolstoy vicinity and the park has monuments and most of the monuments are wooden sculptured and fountains around the park attract the locals every day.


Other places to visit in Bryansk:

  • Bryansk State Regional Puppet Theater
  • Tolstoy Drama Theater
  • Briansk Forest Museum
  • Klintsy Museum of Local Lore


Best time to visit Bryansk:

Bryansk is situated in the west part of Russia and experiences humid continental climate with warm summers and volatile rain throughout the year and average temperature varies from -13° Celsius to 29° Celsius and best time to visit Bryansk is from May to August.


Connectivity to Bryansk:

By Air:

Bryansk is served by Bryansk International Airport situated at the distance of 22 kilometers from heart of the city is a domestic airport and handles every day flights to Moscow and St. Petersburg and seasonal flights to Thessaloniki and Antalya.


By Train:

Bryansk is well connected through railway line and every day trains are available to and from Moscow to Bryansk and also to other neighboring cities and towns.


By Road:

Bryansk is situated in the west part of Russia and close to international borders and Bryansk bus terminal handles domestic and international buses and to get around the town one can avail the buses, trams and taxis for local travel.


Accommodation in Bryansk:

Bryansk is the capital city of Bryansk Oblast region and has some of the best and renowned accommodation conveniences to business and holidaymakers and hotels are designed as per the international standards with all the contemporary services to the travelers. Tourists can book the hotels through online reservations to avoid last minute rush and hotel rooms will cost from $ 30 to $ 250 and above per day. List of hotels in Bryansk are as follows:

  • Gostinyi Dom
  • Art Hall Hotel
  • Kruiz Hotel
  • Chernigov Hotel
  • Razdolie Hotel
  • Hotel Desna
  • V Gosti Hotel
  • GK Virazh Hotel
  • Vladimir Plaza
  • Hotel Miloslavskiy
  • Dream Place Deluxe Apartments
  • Gostinichny Kompleks Graf Tolstoy
  • Club Hotel Boston

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