Best Tourist Places to Visit in Joutsa, Finland, Europe

Best Tourist Places to Visit in Joutsa, Finland, Europe

Joutsa is a municipality in the Western Finland province in the region of Central Finland in Finland, situated about 200 km north-northeast of Helsinki, the capital of Finland. There are about 192 lakes coming under the Joutsa municipality including Suontee, Jaasjarvi and Puula and a national park, Leivonmaki National Park.

The Leivonmaki municipality merged with the Joutsa municipality on January 1, 2008. As of the recent census, the population of Joutsa municipality is 4,909 of which Finnish are higher in majority (98.9%), followed by Swedish and others.


Geography of Joutsa:

Joutsa spans over an area of 1,066.42 square kilometers lying between 61°44.5′ north latitude and 026°07′ east longitude.


Connectivity to Joutsa:

There is no airport in Joutsa, so the international tourists are needed to reach Helsinki Airport first and then they can take bus or taxi at the airport to Joutsa. Helsinki Airport is the major airport of Finland operating both scheduled and charter flights to most of the major European and Asian locations.

Also there are many tourist vehicles offering services to Leivonmaki National Park from the major cities of the country during peak season.

For local travel, to reach tourist destinations and airport, visitors can use taxi or minibus in Joutsa.


Food and Shopping in Joutsa:

There are dozens of cafes and restaurants in Joutsa serving both natives and guests with different mouthwatering traditional and international eateries at affordable prices. The prime food corners in Joutsa include:

  • Barbecue Cafeteria Tikander Ltd
  • Cafe Restaurant Huttula
  • Karoliinan Coffee Mill
  • Kodinapu Eila Paappanen
  • Marmara Pizza & Kebab


The major traditional style shops in Joutsa are listed below:

  • Joutsan Taito-Shop
  • Joutsan Genuine Candle Ky
  • Hot Iron Karlo Jussi
  • Yarn shop Kutile


What to do in Joutsa?

  • Exploring national park and lakes
  • Visiting museums and churches
  • Hiking
  • Shopping


What to see in Joutsa?

Leivonmaki National Park:

Established in 2003, Leivonmaki National Park is a national park within the Joutsa municipality featuring esker forests and swamps covering an area of 29 square kilometers.



Located at an elevation of 94.7 meters, Puula is a beautiful lake measuring a maximum depth of 62 meters and surface area of 330.76 square kilometers. Porttisalmi at Simpianselka is the gateway for lake and it can be reachable by private vehicle.


Joutsa Church:

Joutsa Church is a landmark as well as major religious site in Joutsa attracting devotees for its holiness and tourists for its grand construction.



With a surface area of 149 square kilometers, Suontee is one of the major lakes that come within the Joutsa municipality. It is a great site among the nature lovers.


List of other places of interest in and around Joutsa include:

  • Jaasjarvi
  • Design Anu Pylsy
  • Joutsan House Museum
  • Haihatus
  • Karoliinan Coffee Mill
  • Homeland House Simola
  • Leivonmaki Church
  • Holiday Bake and Röykkälän organic farm
  • Garden Tommola
  • Makiaho Cheese
  • Pikkupuoti Erja Raittinen Ltd
  • Stile Verde
  • Garden Tommola


Ideal time to visit Joutsa:

Throughout the year is best, especially the months of June and August are best to trip Joutsa.


Where to stay in Joutsa?

Joutsa is home to fewer hotels but plenty of vocation rentals that serve guests with lots of love and care with all the basic and few modern facilities and services and a variety of crunchy and crispy traditional delicacies. List of the major hotels and vacation rentals in Joutsa include:

  • Rantasipi Joutsenlampi
  • Pitkaniemen Lomamokit
  • Haapala Holiday Cottages
  • The Hotel Eve & Elli
  • Evening Beach
  • John’s Active Holidays
  • Narrow Cape of Holiday Homes
  • Kaukolanraitti Status
  • Eagles Cape Holiday Homes
  • Lamminmaki Spaces
  • Ruohtula Agro-tourism
  • Berry and Tourism Farm Salvia
  • Luukkola
  • Cheese Beard Holiday Homes
  • Pitkäniemi Holiday Cottages Ky
  • Rutasen Holiday Homes

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