Best Tourist Places to Visit in Muonio, Finland, Europe

Best Tourist Places to Visit in Muonio, Finland, Europe

Muonio is a municipality belonging to the region of Lapland in Finland, situated about 80 km from Kittila, 200 km from Sodankyla and 1000 km from the national capital, Helsinki. The surrounding municipalities of Muonio are Kittila, Kolari and Enontekio.

The vocational college of Muonio offers a top ski class that draws cross-country ski champions from all around the country. Due to its position on the border of Finland-Sweden, Muonio is home to both Finnish and Swedish speaking people.


Geography of Muonio:

Lying between 67°57.5′ N latitude and 023°41′ E longitude, Muonio is spread over a total area of 2,038.15 square kilometers. The villages come under the Muonio municipality are Kangosjärvi, Ylimuonio, Kihlanki, Sarkijarvi and Katkasuvanto. The settlements of Muonio municipality enjoy the longest snow season in Finland.


How to reach Muonio?

Enontekio Airport is the closest airport to Muonio, located around 70 km north from the centre of Muonio municipality. This airport is served by Enter Air and Air100 with connections to Norwich and Helsinki respectively.

Another airport, called Kittila Airport is located around 75 km from Muonio operating seasonal flights to Copenhagen, Paris, Glasgow, London, Zurich, Manchester, Bristol, Newcastle and other main cities in Europe.

Muonio is connected to Norrbotten County in Sweden through a road bridge constructed over the Muonio River.

For local travel, tourists can rent car or bike or bicycle.


Food and Shopping in Muonio:

Muonio is home to many grand cultural events and outdoor sport competitions and tourists can get more information on events by reaching local visitor centre.

There are many sport equipments and traditional handicrafts shops in Muonio and the main food corners in Muonio are as follows:

  • Lapland Hotel Pallas
  • Silk Coffee Shop
  • Kammari
  • Swiss Cafe Konditoria


What to do in Muonio?

  • Hiking
  • Trekking
  • Day tours
  • Fishing
  • Downhill Skiing
  • Canoeing
  • Cross-country Skiing


What to see in Muonio?

Muonio Church:

Muonio Church is the major landmark as well as tourist destination in Muonio attracting tourists for its grand construction and holiness.


Museum in Muonio:

Muonio Museum features a great collection of artifacts and other typical objects related to the history of Muonio.


Pallas-Yllastunturi National Park:

Located around 20 km from Muonio, Pallas-Yllastunturi National Park is the 3rd largest national park in Finland covering an area of 1,020 square kilometers. The park is home to about 100 kilometers of fell chain, among which Taivaskero is the highest fell at a height of 807 meters. Hetta–Pallas Trail is the major hiking trail in the park measuring a length of 55 kilometers. It is suggested for tourists to take guided tours for easy exploration.


List of other places of interest in and around Muonio include:

  • Muonio River
  • History Museum in Enontekio
  • Fell Lapland Nature Centre
  • Pihtsuskongas Waterfall
  • The church of Enontekio
  • Ounasjoki River
  • Kitsiputous Falls
  • Pyhakero
  • Muotkatakka
  • Kittila Town Hall
  • Levi Husky Park
  • Yrjo Kokko bird watching tower
  • The ski resort Levi
  • Wolverine Fell Wilderness and Nature
  • Santa Claus Village
  • Gold Prospector Museum


Ideal time to visit Muonio:

Muonio can be visited throughout the year; especially the months of winter season are best for skiing.


Where to stay in Muonio?

Muonio is a winter sport lovers’ site offering different activities like skiing, canoeing and trekking. Muonio is home to many accommodation centers categorized as hotels and B&Bs, lodges and vacation rentals. The prominent accommodation options in Muonio are listed below:

  • Lapland Hotel Pallas
  • Hotel Jeris
  • Lapland Hotel Olos
  • Torassieppi Winter Village
  • Harriniva Holiday Centre
  • Lomamaja Pekoselle Muonioon
  • Holiday Center Loma-Olos
  • Sarkijarven Majat
  • Kivelä
  • Siikaranta
  • Akäsjärven lomamökit 1
  • Oloskammi 5
  • Tervalinna
  • Holiday Village Hetan Kota
  • Hetan Lomakyla Log Cabins

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