Beautiful Tourist Places to Visit in Kilpisjarvi, Finland, Europe

Beautiful Tourist Places to Visit in Kilpisjarvi, Finland, Europe

Kilpisjarvi is a village belonging to the municipality of Enontekio in the Lapland region in Finland and is situated about 175 km from Hetta, the seat of the Enontekio municipality and 1195 km from Helsinki, the capital city of Finland.

Kilpisjarvi houses one of the research stations of the University of Helsinki and an astronomical observatory, the Kilpisjarvi Atmospheric Imaging Receiver Array, Treriksroset, a school and a hotel.


Geography of Kilpisjarvi:

Kilpisjarvi is placed towards the extreme northwest of Finland between latitude 69°02′57″ in the north and longitude 20°47′40″ in the east. Kilpisjarvi is Enontekio’s one of the largest village.

Other settlements come under Enontekio municipality along with Kilpisjarvi are Kelottijarvi, Kuttanen, Markkina, Nartteli and Karesuvanto.


Connectivity to Kilpisjarvi:

Kilpisjarvi is connected to the major north Finnish, Norwegians and Swedish cities through E8. During the peak season, there are many travel agencies offering bus services to Kilpisjarvi from the main cities of Finland and most of them conduct tour packages as well.

There is an airport in the municipality, located around 165 km away from Kilpisjarvi, catered by Enter Air and Air100 with seasonal flights to Norwich and Helsinki respectively.

Visitors can use rental cars or bikes to get around, to reach airport and tourist spots.


Food and Shopping in Kilpisjarvi:

Kilpisjarvi houses fewer upgraded shopping centers and food corners, tourists can reach neighboring cities to enjoy better shopping experience and healthy hospitality services.

The restaurants in Kilpisjarvi are listed below:

  • Tundrea restaurant
  • Haltinmaa


Things to do in Kilpisjarvi:

  • Kilpissafarit Day Tours
  • Hiking
  • Boat riding


What to see in Kilpisjarvi?


Measuring an altitude of 1,029 meters, Saana is a favorite destination among hikers and backpackers. This interesting fall belongs to the Scandinavian Mountains, is located 556 meters above Kilpisjarvi Lake.



Treriksroset or three-country border point is a monument where the borders of Finland, Sweden and Norway meet. It was constructed in the year 1926 and is located around 11 kilometers from the village of Kilpisjarvi.


Lake Kilpisjarvi:

Lake Kilpisjarvi is located about 2.5 km away from Treriksroset where the borders of Finland, Norway and Sweden meet and is also situated close to Saana fell. Lake Kilpisjarvi measures a surface area of 37.33 sq. km. and average depth of 19.5 meters.


List of other places of interest in Kilpisjarvi includes:

  • Kilpisjärvi Atmospheric Imaging Receiver Array
  • Pallas-YllHstunturi National Park
  • Enontekio history Museum
  • Kilpisjarvi Visitor Centre
  • Kitsiputous Falls
  • Pyhakero
  • Muotkatakka
  • The church of Enontekio
  • Fell Lapland Nature Centre
  • Yrjo Kokko bird watching tower
  • Pihtsuskongas Waterfall
  • Ounasjoki River


When to visit Kilpisjarvi?

Between July and August is the best time to holiday Kilpisjarvi while the weather will be supportive for outdoor activities.


Where to stay in Kilpisjarvi?

Kilpisjarvi is a pleasant village surrounded by many lakes and peaks receiving a large group of tourists throughout the year. Kilpisjarvi is also home to many reputed accommodation centers categorized as resort, lodge and vacation rentals with the latest tourist favor facilities and services as well as authentic native dishes. In below list, the first 5 hotels are in Kilpisjarvi and the remaining hotels are located in other settlements of Enontekio municipality:

  • Tundrea Holiday Resort
  • Lapland Hotel Kilpis
  • Guesthouse Haltinmaa
  • Arctic Polar Oy
  • Kilpisjarven Retkeilykeskus
  • Lapland Hotel Hetta
  • Hotel Vuontispirtti
  • Hetan Lomakyla Log Cabins
  • Hotel Jussantupa
  • Hotel Hetan Majatalo
  • Hetta Huskies Farm
  • Pallaksen Valkko
  • Vanha Tienpaa
  • Holiday Village Hetan Kota
  • Ounasloma Luxury Cabins
  • Marjatan Mokki

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