Tourist Places to Visit in Tighina (Bender), Moldova, Europe

Tourist Places to Visit in Tighina (Bender), Moldova, Europe

Bender, also called as Tighina is a city coming under the autonomous Transnistria region in Moldova. It is situated about 14 km away from the regional capital, Tiraspol and 65 km from the national capital, Chisinau.


Geography of Bender:

Bender is situated on the right bank of Dniester River between latitude 46°50′ in the north and longitude 29°29′ in the east. Bender sprawls over an area of 97.29 sq. km.


History of Bender:

In the Middle Ages, the city was called as Tighina and later its name was changed to Bender during the Ottoman rule in Moldova. In its history, Bender witnessed the rule of many renowned empires such as the Ottoman Empire, Romanian Empires and the Russian Empire.


Connectivity to Bender:

There is no public airport in Bender, so the nearest airport to Bender is Chisinau International Airport, situated around 52 km away. This airport is the gateway for Moldova operating flights from and to Vienna, Athens, Beauvais, Bologna, Bucharest, Moscow, Bergamo, London and other prominent cities of Europe.


There are regular buses playing between Chisinau, Tiraspol, Causeni and Bender. From Tiraspol to Bender, a bus ticket costs 1.6 rubles.

Bender is also linked to Chisinau, Odessa and Moscow by train services.

The electric trolley buses and mashrutkas fill the local transportation needs of Bender city. In addition, taxis are also available.


Culture, Food and Shopping in Bender:

Bender is the home town of artist Constantin Andronic, Romanian actress Tamara Buciuceanu, dramatist Iuliu Filippovitch Edlis and many other international figures.

Bender houses all the kinds of shops including handicraft products and jewels and the famous food corners in Bender are Uzbek Restaurant and Andy’s Pizza.


What to do in Bender?

  • Walking
  • Shopping
  • Visit cultural centres


What to see in Bender?


Transfiguration Cathedral:

The Transfiguration Cathedral is one of the main cathedrals in Bender, well known for its impressive construction. It is frequented by both tourists and devotees.


The remnants of Bender Fortress:

The fortress of Bender was initially constructed by Stephen III as a small wooden fort and later it was upgraded into a fortress by Ottoman sultan Suleiman the Magnificent, after his conquer of Bender. It also witnessed many Russo-Turkish Wars during the second half of the 18th century and currently it is in ruined condition.


The historical military cemetery:

There is a well preserved historical military cemetery in the city of Bender. The surrounding environment and maintenance of the cemetery is impressive.


Other places of interest in Bender include:

  • The Orthodox Church of Tiraspol
  • The Statue of Alexander Suvorov in Tiraspol
  • The Culture Park in Tiraspol
  • A monument plaza in Tiraspol
  • Soviet T-34 tank in Tiraspol
  • Transnistria parliament building
  • Soviet Jet Monument
  • Statue of Vladimir Lenin
  • Monument dedicated to Soviet war in Afghanistan
  • The Capriana Monastery
  • Monument dedicated to the War of Transnistria
  • National Museum of Fine Arts
  • The National Filharmonic
  • Mihai Eminescu Theatre
  • National Ethnographic and Nature Museum
  • The Moldova National Opera Ballet


When to visit Bender?

Generally the months between April and September are best to visit Bender.


Where to stay in Bender?

Bender houses few modernized accommodation centres, on this point, visitors can head towards Tiraspol (14 km) and Chisinau (65 km) to enjoy better hospitality services. The main hotels in and around Bender are listed below:

  • Hotel Timoty
  • VVP Club Hotel
  • Hotel Russia
  • Okolitsa Hotel
  • Tiraspol Hostel
  • City Club, Hotel and Restaurant
  • Korona Hotel
  • Hotel Aist
  • Leogrand Hotel & Convention Center
  • Club Royal Park Hotel
  • First Choice Apartments
  • Weekend Boutique Hotel
  • Retro Moldova Hostel
  • Manhattan Hotel & Restaurant
  • Trotter’s Den Hostel
  • Diplomat Club Hotel

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