Tourist Places to Visit in Chisinau, Moldova, Europe

Tourist Places to Visit in Chisinau, Moldova, Europe

Chisinau is the capital city of Moldova located in the centre of the country covering an area of 123 sq. km. It is the largest city of Moldova in terms of both population and area, holding most of the major administrative and business centers of the country.


Geography of Chisinau:

Lying between 47°0′00″ N latitude and 28°55′00″ E longitude, Chisinau is situated on the Bîc River at an elevation of 85 meters.


History of Chisinau:

The origin of the name Chisinau is uncertain, although one theory claims that, Chisinau’s name is a blend of the two archaic Romanian words chișla (spring) and nouă (new). Chisinau was originally founded as a village in 1436 under the Principality of Moldavia which later came under the rule of the Ottoman Empire in the 16th century. Chisinau became a town in the beginning of the 19th century with a population of 7,000 and later it achieved a city status in the 19th century becoming the capital of Bessarabia Governorate, a part of the Russian Empire.


How to reach Chisinau?

Chisinau is home to the major airport of Moldova, named Chișinău International Airport located around 13 km away from the city centre. Along with Asian city, Dubai, this airport covers major European cities including London, Moscow, Rome, Athens, Berlin and Madrid.

Chisinau is reachable from any of the cities of the country and Bucharest in Romania and Warsaw in Poland by both train and bus services.

Public transportation of Moldova is upgraded and the city is also home to around 40 taxi operators.


Culture, Shopping and Food in Chisinau:

Chisinau is the site of 11 private and 12 public universities and Chisinau is also the birth place of the renowned American sculptor, Moissaye Marans.

Some of the major shopping centres in Chisinau include:

  • Chisinau Souvenir Bazaar
  • Megapolis mall
  • Piata Centrala
  • Stefan cel Mare

The prominent restaurants in Chisinau are listed below:

  • Pizza Celentano
  • Robin pub
  • La Placinte
  • Beer House


Things to do in Chisinau:

  • Festival celebrations
  • Watching movies
  • Walking


Places to see in Chisinau:


Moldova National Opera Ballet:

Located on the road of Boulevard Stefan the Great in Chisinau, the Moldova National Opera Ballet is Eastern Europe’s one of the renowned opera and ballet theatres. It was founded in 1957.


National Museum of Fine Arts:

The National Museum of Fine Arts was established by Alexandru Plămădeală, and Auguste Baillayre in the year 1939. It is situated on the 31 August 1989 Street in Chisinau holding a great collection of contemporary art works.


Rose Valley:

The Rose Valley is a huge park in Chisinau housing three impressive lakes and many restaurants in the area of 9 hectare. The remnants of an ancient Slavonic sanctuary is must see here.


Other places of interest in and around Chisinau include:

  • Jewish Cemetery
  • Parcul Dendrariu
  • Parcul Valea Morilor
  • Memorial Park
  • Stefan Cel Mare Monument
  • Cathedral Park
  • The National Filharmonic
  • Mihai Eminescu Theatre
  • National Ethnographic and Nature Museum
  • Military Museum
  • Parcul Alunelul
  • Riscani Park
  • Botanical Park in Chisinau
  • The National Museum of History of Moldova
  • The Capriana Monastery


Best time to visit Chisinau:

From July to August is the ideal time to enjoy holidays in Chisinau in Moldova.


Accommodation Options in Chisinau:

Chisinau is pleasant and colorful city boasting loads of accommodation centres categorized as hotels, hostels, BB and inns. Hostels are ideal options for budget travelers that are located around the main railway station of Chisinau. List of the major hotels in Chisinau include:

  • Regency Hotel
  • Europa Hotel
  • Club Royal Park Hotel
  • BEST WESTERN PLUS Flowers Hotel
  • Hotel VisPas
  • Leogrand Hotel & Convention Center
  • Manhattan Hotel & Restaurant
  • Weekend Boutique Hotel
  • Retro Moldova Hostel
  • Funky Mamaliga
  • First Choice Apartments
  • Chisinau Hostel
  • Trotter’s Den Hostel
  • Tapok Hostel
  • Diplomat Club Hotel

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