Tourist Places to Visit in Riva Del Garda, Italy, Europe

Tourist Places to Visit in Riva Del Garda, Italy, Europe

Riva Del Garda is a town situated in the Trento province in the region of Trentino Alto Adige in northern Italy, around 50 km southwest of the provincial and regional capital, Trento and 580 km north of the national capital, Rome. The economy of Riva Del Garda is centered on tourism and paper manufacturing industries.


Geography of Riva Del Garda:

Covering an area of 42 sq. km, Riva Del Garda is situated at the north-western edge of Lake Garda between 45°53′ N latitude and 10°51′ E longitude, around 70 meters above sea level.


History of Riva Del Garda:

Riva Del Garda was earlier part of many renowned empires such as the Republic of Venice, the Napoleonic Kingdom of Italy, the Austro-Hungarian Empire and the Kingdom of Italy.


How to reach Riva Del Garda?

There is no airport in Riva Del Garda, so the closest major airport to Riva Del Garda is Verona Villafranca Airport situated in Verona, around 85 km from the centre of Riva Del Garda city and operates flights to and from Frankfurt, Munich, Paris, Catania, Rome, London, Naples, Manchester, Moscow, Bari, Bucharest and many other domestic and international locations.

Tourists can take taxi for airport travel or use coach service to save money.

For local travel, taxis, rental vehicles and buses are useful.


Culture, Food and Shopping in Riva Del Garda:

The Museo Civico is the major cultural centre in Riva Del Garda hosting many regional events. Also shops are plenty of Riva Del Garda offering a wide range of colorful traditional handicrafts.

The major food corners in Riva Del Garda include:

  • Cristallo Caffe Gelateria
  • Gelateria Cantonati
  • Ristorante La Berlera
  • Ristorante Villetta Annessa


Things to do in Riva Del Garda:

  • Rock climbing
  • Mountain biking
  • Windsurfing
  • Sailing


Places to see in Riva Del Garda:


The Museo Civico:

Houses in the medieval fortress, Rocca, the Museo Civico is concentrated on the culture of Riva Del Garda home to many valuable photographs and objects and is also the site of major cultural exhibitions of the town.


Lago di Tenno:

Positioned at an altitude of 550 meters, the Lago di Tenno is a beautiful lake spread over an area of 2.5 km² located few kilometers away from Riva Del Garda.


Cascate del Varone:

Situated in Tenno, 3 km away from Riva Del Garda, the Cascate del Varone or Varone Falls is a spectacular waterfall of the river Magnone. It is also visited by famed Italian artists and writers.


List of other places of interest in Riva Del Garda includes:

  • Lago di Ledro
  • Piazza 3 Novembre
  • The Castle of Riva
  • Lake Garda
  • Valle di Ledro
  • Santa Barbara Church
  • The Bastion
  • Old Ponale Road Path
  • Torre Apponale
  • Inviolata Church
  • Monte Brione
  • San Marco City Gate
  • Rocca Castle
  • Santa Maria Assunta Church
  • Ponale Hydroelectric Power Plant
  • Sabbioni Beach


Best time to visit Riva Del Garda:

Riva Del Garda experiences warm summer and cold winters with some snow. From May to September is the best time to visit Riva Del Garda.


Accommodation options in Riva Del Garda:

Riva Del Garda is an inviting town housing many standard hotels with facilities like AC, doctor on call, conference room, spa, 24 hour room service and internet connectivity, food on request and fax services. The major hotels in Riva Del Garda are listed below:

  • Villa Maria Hotel Garni
  • Hotel Kristal Palace
  • Residence Segattini
  • Residence Filanda
  • Lido Palace
  • Hotel Garda
  • Hotel Villa Enrica
  • Parc Hotel Flora
  • Hotel Savoy Palace
  • Du Lac et Du Parc Hotel
  • Residence Alle Palme
  • Feeling Hotel Luise
  • Hotel Villa Miravalle
  • Hotel Villa Nicolli
  • Agritur Eden Marone
  • Hotel Antico Borgo

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