Sillamae Tourist Places to Visit in Sillamae, Estonia, Europe

Sillamae Tourist Places to Visit in Sillamae, Estonia, Europe

Sillamae is positioned in the northern part of Estonia on the southern coast of Gulf of Finland and a town in Ida-Viru County. Sillamae is placed at an elevation of 18 meters (59 feet) and spans an area of 10.54 square kilometers (4.07 square miles) and the town is situated in the middle of Johvi and Narva cities.

Sillamae is the industrial town and trades liquid fertilizers to Kotak, Finland and numerous seaside resorts are situated in the Sillamae vicinity. Sillamae is surrounded by Toila, Martsa, Voka, Oru, Paite, Vaivara, Sinimae and Hundinurga and situated at the distance of 185 kilometers from Tallinn, capital of Estonia. Coordinates of Sillamae are 59.3931° N, 27.7742° E.


History of Sillamae:

Sillamae was inhabited since 1502, under the rule of Livonian Order and developed into a resort village in 1880s and numerous renowned personalities visited the town during the summer season. Oil shale mining industry was established in the year 1920 and in the year 1927 Swedish Company constructed the oil shale processing plant and a power station in Sillamae town and in the year 1957, Sillamae gained a status of town.


Attractions in Sillamae:

Crucifixion of Our Lord church:

Crucifixion of Our Lord Church is placed at the distance of 20 kilometers from center of the Sillamae town in Johvi is constructed in Historicist style from natural stone and red brick, the cathedral is open to visitors every day in summer and the cathedral was completed in the year 1895 is the hub of the Russian Orthodox trust.


Narva Castle:

Narva Castle is situated at the distance of 28 kilometers in Narva city from Sillamae town is one of the main attractions in the city constructed during the 13th century was the residence of Danish King’s vice-Regent and best preserved defiance structure in the country.


Sillamae Beach:

Sillamae is renowned beach town in the country and beaches in the town are visited by thousands of tourists throughout the year and along the beach there are numerous renowned resorts and bars.


Narva Cascades:

Narva Cascades is situated nearly 25 kilometers from Sillamae town at the border of Estonia and Russia and the cascades have been flowing through the area for more than 1,000 years and reservoir was constructed on the Narva River supply hydroelectric power station provides power to Estonia and Russia country is one of the renowned tourism destination in the country.


Other places to visit in Sillamae:

  • Church of St. Michael
  • Jõhvi City Gallery
  • Kukruse Oil Shale Museum
  • Narva Bastions
  • Art Gallery of Narva Museum
  • St Michael’s church in Narva
  • The Lords Resurrection Cathedral
  • Baron von Velio’s house


Climate in Sillamae:

Sillamae faces humid continental type of weather with warm summer and cool winter and best time to visit Sillamae is from May to September.


Reaching Sillamae:

By Air:

Lennart Meri Tallinn Airport is at the distance of 185 kilometers from Sillamae town is the nearest and main airport in the country handles scheduled flights to major cities of the European countries and from airport tourists can board train or bus to reach Sillamae town.


By Train:

Nearest railway station to Sillamae is Vaivara Railway Station situated at the distance of 3.5 kilometers in Vaivara town receives regular trains from Tallinn, Johvi, Narva, Rakvere, Tallinn and Ahtme cities.

By Road:

Sillamae is well connected through road ways and the town is renowned for its beach resort and numerous buses function from different parts of the country to Sillamae village at regular interval.


Accommodation in Sillamae:

Sillamae is renowned for its beach resort and the town is surrounded by plenty of hotels and most of the hotels are situated along the coast will delight the tourists to take accommodation in such kinds of hotels with breathtaking views of ocean and provides all the modern amenities. List of hotels in Sillamae are as follows:

  • Hotel Krunk
  • Meresuu Spa & Hotel
  • Narva-Jõesuu Spa
  • Villa Meretare
  • Pansionaat Valentina
  • Liivarand Hotell
  • Hotel Yes
  • Hotel Wironia
  • Hotel Veagles
  • Toila Spa Hotel
  • Hotel Laagna Spa & Resort
  • Poska Apartment
  • Toila Apartment

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