Tourist Places to Visit in Estonia, Europe

Tourist Places to Visit in Estonia, Europe

Estonia is situated in the Baltic Region of Northern Europe and officially called as Republic of Estonia. Estonia spans a total area of 45,227 square kilometers (17,413 square miles) and divided into North Estonia, East Estonia, West Estonia and Islands, and South Estonia and main cities are Tallinn, Tartu, Haapsalu, Kuressaare, Narva, Rakvere, Parnu, Valga and Viljandi.

The economy of the country is mainly based on information technology, trade, food, construction, petroleum, mining and electronic industries and influenced by developments in Finland, Sweden and Germany. Estonia is surrounded by Russia, Finland, Sweden, Latvia and Lithuania and Tallinn is the capital of the Estonia. Coordinates of Estonia are 59.0000° N, 26.0000° E.

Estonian is the official language of the Estonia and other common foreign languages are English, Russian, Finnish, German and Swedish.


History of Estonia:

According to the historians, settlement in Estonia was established around 11,000 to 13,000 years ago and Denmark was the powerful kingdom during 12th century and in 1170, Denmark attacked Estonia and captured the region in 1197. Later in the year 1517, Swedish captured and various wars were fought in the country between Swedish and Denmark and Denmark captured the country. In the war between Russia and Denmark, Russia defeated Denmark and independence was declared in Estonia in the year 1918 from Russians but after the Second World War the region was captured by Germany and in 1987, Estonia became the part of Europe and recognized as Republic of Estonia.


Attractions in Estonia:

Ruins of the Viljandi Order Castle:

Ruins of the Viljandi Order Castle is situated in Viljandi town was constructed during the 16th century and is one of the unique castle in the Estonia and Latvia. The castle was destroyed due to various wars in the country and from top of the castle one can view the most beautiful sight of Viljandi Lake.


Kadriorg Park:

Kadriorg Park is placed in Tallinn city is the most visited park by the local and international tourists and the park is surrounded by Kadriorg Palace, constructed by Tsar Peter I in the 18th century and park is renowned for its lush greenery and pleasant environment.


Rakvere Castle:

Rakvere Castle is renowned in the Rakvere constructed during the Danish rule and offers many exciting activities for all the ages like shooting a bow, sword fight and pike battle and many other exciting games, visited by thousands of tourists from all over the Europe.


Pärnu Beach Promenade:

Pärnu Beach Promenade is the renowned beach in the country situated in Parnu city and popular summer beach renovated in the year 2006 and surrounded by number of hotels, restaurants and exciting aquatic hubs.


Narva Cascades:

Narva Cascades is situated at the border of Estonia and Russia and the cascades have been flowing through the area for 1,000 years and reservoir was constructed on the Narva River supply hydroelectric power station provides power to Estonia and Russia country.


Other places to visit in Estonia:

  • Narva Castle
  • Historical Kau Manor
  • Olav’s Church
  • Tallinn Botanical Gardens
  • Rakvere Trinity Church
  • Narva Bastions
  • Art Gallery of Narva Museum
  • Eliisabet’s Church
  • Pärnu Beach Promenade
  • Valga Town Hall
  • Valga Museum
  • Valga Jaani Church
  • The Lords Resurrection Cathedral
  • Baron von Velio’s house
  • Saint Paul’s church in Viljandi
  • Heimtali Museum of Domestic Life
  • Holy Birgitta Monastery
  • National Library of Estonia
  • National Art Museum KUMU
  • Rakvere Exhibition House-Museum
  • Lutheran Church of the Holy Trinity


Best time to visit Estonia:

Best time to visit Estonia is from May to September during these months climate will be warm and few tourists visit during winter seasons as well.


Transportation to Estonia:

Estonia is served by air, road, sea and rail transportation and Lennart Meri Tallinn Airport, is the main international airport in the country has daily flights to major cities in Europe and other domestic airport are Kuressaare Airport, Kardla Airport and Parnu Airport. Main land of Estonia is well connected through railway services and Tallinn railway station is the main terminal in the region and daily train services are available to Narva, Viljandi, Parnu, Tartu, and Valga and international train services are available to St. Petersburg and Moscow. Islands in the country are well connected through ferries and international cruise ships are available to Finland and Sweden. Domestic and international buses function from Tallinn city.


Accommodation in Estonia:

Estonia has some good presumed hotels catering the accommodation needs of the tourists visiting the place. The hotels provide all sorts of comfort and hospitality towards the tourists who book rooms in such hotels situated in Estonia. List of hotels in Estonia are as follows:


  • Hotel Laagna Spa & Resort
  • Meriton Conference & Spa Hotel
  • Aqva Hotel & Spa
  • Hotel Parnu
  • Sangaste Castle Hotel
  • Dorpat Hotel
  • Hotel Laagna Spa & Resort
  • Maaritza Holiday Cottage
  • Grand Rose Spa Hotel
  • Nuutri Villa
  • Saka Cliff Manor & Spa Hotel
  • Fra Mare Thalasso Spa

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