Viljandi Tourist Places to Visit in Viljandi, Estonia, Europe

Viljandi Tourist Places to Visit in Viljandi, Estonia, Europe

Viljandi town is the capital of Viljandi County in the southern part of Estonia. Viljandi town is situated on the banks of River Viljandi and surrounded by greenery and spans over an area of 14.62 square kilometers (5.64 square miles) and lies at an elevation of 272 feet (83 meters) above the sea level. Viljandi is hub for business and main source of income in the town are service, trade and production and industries like textile, food and bakery are to be found in the town.

Viljandi is surrounded by Suure-Jaani, Vastemoisa, Vanavalja, Ramsi, Kopu and Kanakula towns and Tallinn, capital of Estonia is around 160 kilometers from Viljandi town.


Attractions in Viljandi:

Lake Viljandi Beach:

Lake Viljandi Beach is one of the renowned recreational areas in the town and surrounded by many ball courts, outdoor pool, diving tower, boat and water bike rental in the picturesque Lake is visited by the locals during the weekends and holidays.


Ruins of the Viljandi Order Castle:

Ruins of the Viljandi Order Castle is situated in the middle of the town was constructed during the 16th century is one of the unique castle in the Estonia and Latvia. The castle was destroyed due to various the wars in the country and from top of the castle one can view the most beautiful sight of Viljandi Lake.


Trepimägi is a Stairs hill in Viljandi town was constructed around the 19th century and during the 20th century road connection was improved in the town and surrounded by lush greenery.


Väikemõisa Manor:

Väikemõisa manor is one of the ancient monuments in the town constructed during 19th century is the best example of the Swiss chalet style building the town, at present the manor is converted into a orphanage.


Other places to visit in Viljandi:

  • Saint Paul’s church in Viljandi
  • Heimtali Museum of Domestic Life
  • Viljandi Rope Bridge
  • The Museum of Viljandi
  • Town hall of Viljandi


Climate in Viljandi:

Viljandi experiences warm type of weather in summer and cool climate during winter and best time to visit Viljandi is from May to September.


Transportation to Viljandi:

By Air:

Parnu Airport positioned at the distance of 100 kilometers from heart of the Viljandi town is the nearest airport and handles scheduled domestic flights to Tallinn, Kuressaare and Kardla cities. From Parnu city tourists can board train or bus to reach Viljandi town and by car it is around 1.5 hours drive.


By Train:

Viljandi railway station is served by daily trains to Tallinn city and it also receives trains from Parnu, Rakvere, Tartu and Valga and best mode of transportation in Estonia.


By Road:

Buses are used by majority of the populace in the town due to regular and low cost and car and bicycle can be hired from hotel to get around the town and long distance buses will function from Tallinn, Tartu, Valga and Pärnu cities.


Accommodation in Viljandi:

Viljandi is well-known for its Viljandi beaches and historical places and tourists can choose from the budget to luxurious hotels in the city which offers modern decor, event facilities, fitness center, pool, high speed internet and many more facilities and offers world class hospitality and rooms are decorated as per the comfort and lavishness of the tourists and restaurants in the town offers some of the best Estonia. Some of the major hotels in Viljandi are listed below:

  • Grand Hotel Viljandi
  • Centrum Hotel Viljandi
  • Aasa Külalistemaja
  • Felixi Maja
  • Kaare Guesthouse
  • Hostel Ingeri
  • Pinska Guesthouse
  • Sports and Recreation Centre of Holstre-Polli
  • Riuma Resthouse
  • Suure-Jaani Guesthouse
  • Vanasauna Guesthouse
  • Hilda Villa
  • Spa Hotel Peetrimõisa Villa Viljandi

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