Top Tourist Places to Visit in Kremenchuk, Ukraine, Europe

Top Tourist Places to Visit in Kremenchuk, Ukraine, Europe

Kremenchuk is a city belonging to Poltava Oblast in central Ukraine, covering an area of 96 sq. km. It is the seat of the Kremenchuk Raion, receiving its more than 50% of economy from the industrial sector, contributed by a vehicle manufacturing company KrAZ, Kremenchuk Automobile Assembly Plant and many other larger industries.


Geography of Kremenchuk:

Lying on the banks of the River Dnieper, Kremenchuk is located around 115 km southwest of the city of Poltava and 290 km southeast of Kiev, the capital of Ukraine. It coordinates with 49°04′00″ N latitude and 33°25′00″ E longitude.


History of Kremenchuk:

The name of Kremenchuk is a combination of two native language words, kremen and chuk. According to the documented history, Kremenchuk was founded in 1571. Kremenchuk was heavily damaged by Nazi occupation during the World War II when its around 90% buildings were demolished.


Connectivity to Kremenchuk:

Kryvyi Rih International Airport is the closest airport to Kremenchuk, situated around 150 km from the heart of Kremenchuk city and has scheduled flights to national capital, Kiev, served by Motor Sich Airlines.

Dnipropetrovsk International Airport is located about 170 km from Kremenchuk and has more connection than latter airport. The cities connected with DIA include Moscow, Kiev, Istanbul, Dubai and Vienna.

Due to its position in the central part of the country, Dnipropetrovsk has good connectivity to all major cities of Ukraine through both roadway and railway.


Food and Shopping in Kremenchuk:

Modernized restaurants and shopping centres are limited in Kremenchuk, so visitors can head towards Poltava city for better shopping experience and qualified food items.


What to see in Kremenchuk?

Being an industrial city, Kremenchuk houses less tourist attractions and one can find more tourist attractions like museums, recreation centres and historical houses in Poltava city (around 115 km) and some of them are as follows:


Botanical garden of Poltava V. G. Korolenko National Pedagogical University:

The Poltava University botanical garden is located in the eastern part of Poltava city featuring the Ukrainian floriculture museum, the arboretum, fruit garden, Alpine hill and many other attractive and interesting places to show visitors.

Long Range Aviation Museum:

Situated at the Poltava military airfield, the Long Range Aviation Museum showcases the aviation history of Poltava where one can see many airplanes including the Tupolev Tu-134UBL Crusty-B and the Tupolev Tu-95MS Bear.


Literary Memorial Museum of I. P. Kotlyarevsky:

The Literary Memorial Museum of I. P. Kotlyarevsky is housed in an old house which belonged to renowned poet and dramatist V. V. Kapnyst. This house gained place in National Landscapes catalogue.


List of other places of interest in Kremenchuk includes:

  • Literary Memorial Museum of Panas Myrny
  • Literary Memorial Museum of V. G. Korolenk
  • House of I. P. Kotlyarevsky
  • Poltava Battle History Museum
  • Monument to M. V. Gogol
  • of Poltava region Department of Internal Affairs
  • Memorial complex of Soldier Glory
  • Khrestovozdvizhensky monastery
  • Memorial Rotunda
  • Monument to Swedes from Russians
  • Dormition Cathedral
  • Memorial of Poltavska Galushka
  • Monument to A. I. Zygin
  • Church of the Saviour
  • Makaryyvska church
  • Monument to defenders of Poltava
  • The House of Nobiliary and Village Bank


Ideal time to visit Kremenchuk:

Kremenchuk is situated around 80 meters above sea level and the ideal time to holiday Kremenchuk is from May to September.


Where to stay in Kremenchuk?

Kremenchuk is an industrial city housing few tourist favor accommodation centres, on this point, it is recommended for tourists to reach nearby Poltava city to enjoy better hospitality services. Here are some nice hotels in Kremenchuk and Poltava:

  • Kremin
  • Hotel Complex Evropeiskiy
  • Helicopter Hotel
  • Jolki-Palki Hotel
  • Sapphire Accord Hotel
  • Aut Hotel
  • Gallery Hotel
  • Palazzo Hotel
  • Kaspiy Premium Hotel
  • Hotel Kiev Poltava
  • Hotel Mirgorod
  • Poltava Motel
  • Hotel Yavir
  • Zamok Motel
  • Mini Hotel Eurolux
  • Sinay Hotel
  • Hotel Gold


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