Best Tourist Places to Visit in Valmiera, Latvia, Europe

Best Tourist Places to Visit in Valmiera, Latvia, Europe

Valmiera is a city belonging to the region of Vidzeme in Latvia and is the administrative centre of the Valmiera district. It is located on the banks of the River Gauja, about 50 km south of the Estonia-Latvia border.

Being an important city of the region, Valmiera houses many food processing and furniture producing industries, and a university called, the Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences. Valmieras Teatris in Valmiera is one of the renowned cultural centres in Latvia.


Geography of Valmiera:

With a total area of 18.1 sq. km, Valmiera is the largest city of the Vidzeme region and is situated about 110 km northeast of the national capital, Riga.


History of Valmiera:

According to the archeological findings, Valmiera is one of the oldest settlements in Latvia and was originally settled around 9,000 years ago. Valmiera formed as a town with the construction of a castle and Catholic Church on the Gauja River’s bank in the 1280s, with the decree of the Livonian Order Wilken von Endorp. Valmiera officially gained town rights in 1323.


How to reach Valmiera?

There is no airport in Valmiera, so tourists coming from the foreign countries are required to reach Riga International Airport (around 115 km) first and then they can take a bus or taxi at the airport to Valmiera.

The Riga International Airport is the main airport of Latvia and operates flights from and to prime European cities such as Paris, Madrid, London, Moscow, Frankfurt and Rome.

Valmiera is connected to Riga through both railway and motorway.


Culture, Food and Shopping in Valmiera:

Valmiera is rich in culture with many renowned cultural centers including Valmiera Drama Theater. There are shops abundant and the products like clothes, handicrafts and ceramics are purchasable.

The major food corners in Valmiera include:

  • Agnese
  • Rates Varti
  • Ceturtais celiens
  • Jauna Saule
  • Liepziedi un rozmarins


What to see in Valmiera?

Valmiera Drama Theatre:

Valmiera Drama Theatre is considered as one of the best theatres in Latvia for its qualified regular concerts, touring tours and event celebrations. It was founded in the 1920s, featuring four different halls such as round hall, small hall, large hall and great hall stage.


Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences:

The Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences or Vidzemes augstskola was founded in the year 1996 to provide quality higher education to local youths. Currently it offers different Bachelor as well as Master courses.


St. Radoņeza Sergius Orthodox Church:

The St. Radoņeza Sergius Orthodox Church is a major religious site in Valmiera, built between 1874 and 1877 by local bricks and boulders. Tourists can see a vault of Mangdenu family near the church.


Other places of attractions in and around Valmiera include:

  • 3D Cinema “Gaisma”
  • Valmiera State Gymnasium
  • Bachelors` Park
  • Dzirnavu Lake
  • Valterh Hill
  • Ģīme Mill
  • Valmiera St. Virgin Mary Rome Catholic Church
  • Elki Iceland
  • Cabel bridge
  • War memorial
  • Ruins of Livonian Castle
  • Luca Hill
  • Simon`s Lutheran Church
  • The Old Pharmacy
  • Valmiera City Council


When to visit Valmiera?

Valmiera is a lovely city enjoying pleasant weather year round, especially the months of June, July and August are best to trip Valmiera.


Where to stay in Valmiera?

Valmiera is a pleasant town housing many modernized hotels with latest facilities such as business centre, 24 hour room service and internet connectivity, medical service, food on request, babysitting services and AC. The prominent hotels in and around Valmiera include:

  • Hotel Wolmar
  • Dikli Palace Hotel
  • Hotel Naktsmajas
  • Country House Lantus
  • Guest House Elena
  • Unce Guest House
  • Guest House Gaujas Priedes
  • Holiday Complex Avoti
  • Jaunaraji
  • Baili
  • Cosy Holiday House
  • Stork Nest
  • Jaunlidumnieki

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