Sumy Tourist Places to Visit in Sumy, Ukraine, Europe

Sumy Tourist Places to Visit in Sumy, Ukraine, Europe

Sumy is the capital city of the Sumy Oblast in Ukraine lying on the banks of the Psel River and is located about 330 km east of Kiev, the capital of Ukraine. Sumy is especially noted for its historical churches, museums and educational institutions.


Geography of Sumy:

Sumy is geographically positioned between 50°55′ N latitude and 34°45′ E longitude, spanning over an area of 145 sq. km. Situated in the northeastern part of Ukraine, Sumy experiences a moderate continental climate with an average annual rainfall of 513 millimeters.


History of Sumy:

Sumy originated as a Cossack fortress at the bank of the River Psel in the year 1652. Including the powerful Russian Empire and the Nazi Germany, Sumy witnessed the rule of many renowned empires in its long history.


Connectivity to Sumy:

Sumy airport currently is not catered by any airlines. So the international tourists are needed to reach Kharkiv International Airport in Kharkiv from where 4 daily trains depart to Sumy. This airport is situated about 210 km away from the heart of Sumy city.

Sumy is also reachable Moscow in Russia by train services (5 daily trains).

There are frequent minibuses (marshrutkas) departing the cities like Kyiv, Kharkiv, Dnipropetrovsk to Sumy, served by Elit-express and Sun-auto. Advance booking is preferred.


Culture, Shopping and Food in Sumy:

Sumy is home to many internationally recognized universities such as the Sumy State University and the Sumy State Pedagogical University.

Modernized shops are abundant in Sumy and the major food corners in Sumy are as follows:

  • Port Royal
  • Shinok
  • Zdybanka Restaurant Complex
  • Irish Pub O’Grady’s


Tourist Attractions in Sumy:

Nikanor Onatsky Regional Art Museum:

The Nikanor Onatsky Regional Art Museum is one of the best art museums in Ukraine holding a great collection of artworks of many eminent national and international artists. An artist and teacher, Nikanor Onatsky, who was the founder of the museum, founded on March 1, 1920.


Cathedral of the Saviour’s Transfiguration:

The cathedral of the Saviour’s Transfiguration in Sumy is located in the heart of the city, with an adorned interior by the frescoes of Klavdiy Lebedev and Vladimir Makovsky. This neoclassical structure dates back to the 18th century and restored in 1858 and its 56 meters high bell tower dates back to 1880.


Kozhedub’s Park:

Situated on Gagarin Street in the centre of Sumy city, the Kozhedub’s Park is spread over an area of 58 hectares housing lot of rides and many recreational options. It is also venue for many exhibitions and palatial festival celebrations of the city. There is a stadium called Yubileyniy near the park.


List of other places of interest in and around Sumy includes:

  • Botanical garden of the Pedagogical University
  • Kupchihin house
  • Peter and Paul Church
  • Lipova alley
  • Suhanov Manorhouse
  • Folk museum History of Alpinism
  • Sumy municipal gallery
  • Spaso-Preobrazhenskij cathedral
  • The Roman Catholic Church
  • Kazka children par
  • Park Druzhby Botanic garden
  • Trinity cathedral
  • House-museum A.P.Chehova
  • John the Baptist Church
  • Children’s Park “Fairy Tale”


Best time to visit Sumy:

Sumy enjoys warm summers and cold and snowy winters and the ideal time to trip Sumy is from May to September.


Accommodation options in Sumy:

Sumy is a colorful and pleasant city home to some modernized hotels with standard facilities and services. Here are some well-facilitated hotels in Sumy and Poltava (170 km):

  • Reikartz Sumy
  • Pan Hotel
  • Buymerivka Pine Spa-Resort
  • Zdybanka Hotel
  • Voskresensky Hotel Complex
  • Hotel Shafran
  • Hotel Pansion
  • Zamok Motel
  • Hotel Mirgorod
  • Kaspiy Premium Hotel
  • Poltava Motel
  • Hotel Complex Evropeiskiy
  • U Lukomoria Hotel
  • Mini Hotel Eurolux
  • Sapphire Accord Hotel
  • Hotel Kiev Poltava

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