Tourist Places to Visit in Triesenberg, Liechtenstein, Europe

Tourist Places to Visit in Triesenberg, Liechtenstein, Europe

Triesenberg is one of the municipalities in the principality of Liechtenstein in Central Europe. With an area of 30 square kilometers, Triesenberg is Liechtenstein’s largest municipality and houses a population around 2,500.

The municipality of Triesenberg boasts nine villages such as Samina, Silum, Steg, Wangerberg, Gaflei, Malbun, Sucka, Masescha and Rotenboden of which Malbun is a well known village renowned for its ski-resort which is also the only ski-resort in entire Liechtenstein.

Among the other municipalities of Liechtenstein, Triesenberg is specially indentified for its distinct dialect which may be influenced from the Walser migrants. Along with the Standard German, and the Alemannic dialect, this language is also widely spoken all over the municipality.


Geography of Triesenberg:

Triesenberg coordinates with 47°7′5″ N latitude and 9°32′36″ E longitude, is situated about 900 meters above sea level, around 5 kms south of the country capital, Vaduz.


Connectivity to Triesenberg:

Due to the small area of the country, there is no airport established in Liechtenstein. So the airports like Friedrichshafen Airport in Germany and Zurich Airport in Switzerland are the gateways for Triesenberg or Liechtenstein. These airports are located around 95 km and 120 km away from the centre of Triesenberg respectively.

It is advised for international tourists to book rental cars or cab through online before reaching any of the above airports for comfort and convenient journey.

To move within Triesenberg, tourists can use public buses or rental vehicles like car or bikes.


Culture and Food in Triesenberg:

The Walser Museum is the prime cultural centre in Triesenberg showcasing the culture, custom and history of local people.

The major food corners in Triesenberg are listed below:

  • Restaurant Kainer
  • Hotel Restaurant Kulm
  • Cafe Conditorei Guflina
  • Bergrestaurant Sareiserjoch
  • Berggasthaus Sucka


Things to do in Triesenberg:

  • Skiing
  • Walking
  • Shoppping


Places to see in Triesenberg:


Being the only ski resort in Liechtenstein, the Malbun ski resort is the highlight of Triesenberg municipality. It is situated on a road connecting to Steg and Vaduz, at an elevation of 1,600 meters, near the border of Austria and Liechtenstein. Tourists can enjoy a memorable skiing experience here.


St. Joseph’s Parish Church:

The St. Joseph’s Parish Church is a historical church as well as one of the main religious site and tourist attractions in Triesenberg.


The Walser Museum in Triesenberg:

Founded in the year 1961, the Walser Museum in Triesenberg is located in the vicinity of Hotel Kulm. It describes the history, customs and culture of Walser community of Triesenberg with historical objects and artworks. Tourists can also see wooden sculptures of artist Rudolf Schadler on the ground floor of the museum building.


Other places of interests in and around Triesenberg are as follows:

  • The Grauspitz
  • Weaving mill in Triesen
  • The Red House in Vaduz
  • The Wild Castle
  • Churches in Triesen
  • The indoor pool in Triesen
  • The Old Rhine Bridge Vaduz
  • National Museum
  • The Benefice in Eschen
  • The castle ruins of Schellenberg
  • Prince’s Royal winery
  • The City Train in Vaduz
  • Gutenberg Castle in Balzers
  • The Rural Lifestyle Museum


Best time to visit Triesenberg:

Due to the presence of Malbun ski resort within the Triesenberg municipality, the months from December to March are best to visit Triesenberg to enjoy great skiing.


Accommodation Options in Triesenberg:

Being a largest municipality of Liechtenstein, Triesenberg is home to many modernized accommodation centers welcoming tourists throughout the year with top class facilities. A list of the major hotels in Triesenberg includes:

  • Vogeli Alpenhotel Malbun
  • Berggasthaus Sucka
  • Hotel Oberland
  • Bergrestaurant Suecka
  • Hotel Steg
  • Hotel Kulm
  • Haus Ochsenkopf
  • Ferienappartements Beck
  • Residence Hotel
  • Landhaus am Giessen
  • Parkhotel Sonnenhof
  • Haus Real
  • Landgasthof Au
  • Gasthof Loewen
  • Landgasthof Muehle

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