Beautiful Tourist Places to Visit in Heerlen, Netherlands, Europe

Beautiful Tourist Places to Visit in Heerlen, Netherlands, Europe

Heerlen is a city as well as a municipality belonging to the province of Limburg in the Netherlands. It is situated about 215 km southwest of the national capital, Amsterdam, at an elevation of 113 meters. Heerlen was the birth place of many renowned architects including Frits Peutz who was famous for his work for “Glass Palace”. Heerlen is also one of the leading cities in the country in hospitality and education fields.


Geography of Heerlen:

Heerlen coordinates with 50°53′ N latitude and 5°59′ E longitude spanning over an area of 45.53 sq. km.


History of Heerlen:

The entry of the Romans gained more importance in the history of Heerlen as their establishments like Coriovallum, a military settlement, Thermae complex and a Roman bathhouse remain important historical landmarks in Heerlen.


Connectivity to Heerlen:

The closest airport to Heerlen is Maastricht Aachen Airport, located around 25 km away from the centre of the Heerlen city. This airport operates flights from and to Treviso, London, Alicante, Bergamo, Pisa, Antalya, Dalaman, Faro, Heraklion and many other important European destinations.

Heerlen hosts 4 railway stations and the major train station is located in the heart of the city. Bus transportation needs in Heerlen is served by Veolia.

Rental cars are generally available for local travel in Heerlen and in addition, bikes are also useful to get around.


Culture, Shopping and Food in Heerlen:

Heerlen is rich in culture as it was the hometown of many internationally renowned architects, artists and authors. Heerlen is also home to many significant museums and cultural centres showcasing the culture and tradition of the region. The Booch Festival in Heerlen is held in the month of August annually.

Some noted shopping areas in Heerlen include:

  • Hoensbroek Center
  • Woonboulevard
  • Car Boulevard
  • Heerlen Center

List of the prime restaurants in Heerlen is as follows:

  • Auberge de Rousch
  • Rhodos
  • Brasserie Bracke
  • Madame van Dam


Things to do in Heerlen:

  • Kinderstad
  • Snowworld
  • Booch Festival

Places to see in Heerlen:


The Glaspaleis is a cultural centre as well as a distinct structure in Heerlen, constructed in 1935 next to the medieval church, designed by Frits Peutz. Earlier it was a fashion house, called Schunck Fashion House.



Thermenmuseum is a Roman bathhouse situated on the Coriovallumstraat 9 in Heerlen. It is allowed for tourists from 10.00 to 17.00 (Tuesday – Friday) and during weekends and holidays from 12.00 to 17.00. The admission fee is € 6,50.



The Pancratiuskerk is a Romanesque style church dating from the 12th-century and the bell tower was erected in 1394. This is a great place for one who likes historical sites.


Other places of interest in and around Heerlen include:

  • Parkstad Theater
  • Dutch Mine Museum
  • Kinderstad Heerlen
  • Castle Hoensbroek
  • Oranje Nassau Mijnen
  • Statue of Jesus Christ
  • Chapel Savelberg Convent
  • Ambachtsschool
  • Pancratiuskerk
  • Former Heerlen city walls
  • Attractiepark Toverland
  • Netherlands American Cemetery and Memorial
  • Basilica of St. Servatius
  • Pietersberg Caves
  • De Bisschopsmolen


Best time to visit Heerlen:

Probably the summer months are ideal to trip Heerlen, especially August, while typical Booch Festival takes place.


Accommodation Options in and around Heerlen:

Heerlen houses many standard accommodation centres for tourists’ stay visiting the place throughout the year. Other than basic and upgraded facilities and services, hotels in Heerlen serve guests with a variety of mouthwatering traditional dishes. Here are the some reputed hotels in and around Heerlen:

  • Van der Valk Hotel Heerlen
  • Hotel Kasteel Terworm
  • Tulip Inn Heerlen City Centre
  • Stadshotel de Paris
  • Tulip Inn Heerlen
  • Amrath Grand Hotel Heerlen
  • Bastion Hotel Heerlen
  • No 16 Guesthouse
  • Huize Passart
  • De Caumermolen
  • Golden Tulip Parkstad Zuid-Limburg
  • Hotel SnowWorld Landgraaf
  • Winselerhof
  • De Zevende Hemel
  • Hotel Wilhelmina

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